It’s the most wonderful time of the year for parents who love pulling elaborate (but heart-warming and well-intentioned) pranks. Whether you’re leaving elves on shelves or decking the halls for festivities, technology has given everybody a little extra way to get in the holiday spirit. And now it’s even possible to schedule a phone call with one of Santa’s elves, thanks to a brand new project called Santa Phone.

Santa Claus using a mobile phone at Cristmas time

For parents looking to find out what their kids really want for the holidays, Twilio, a communications service provider, has a new system that will set up an automated chat with one of Santa’s elves. An elf will call your phone and ask your child what they would like for Christmas (it’s really just a bot) and the entire conversation will be recorded and sent to parents via email.

To set up the call, parents leave their phone number, email address and suggested times for an elf to call their child. Then, the phone number is confirmed with a text and a phone call comes through on the selected day and time. While kids may call it magic, it’s actually just the best digital holiday way to suss out wish lists.

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(h/t Venture Beat; photo via Getty Images)