We LOVE getting nostalgic during the holidays — from trying out crazy gingerbread house recipes with our besties to grabbing a festive latte in a red holiday Starbucks cup and hosting a last-minute gift-wrapping marathon. But one of our fave holiday traditions has to be putting out our mischievous Elf on the Shelf for the kiddos to find throughout December. To help a busy #girlboss momma out, we’ve collected 12 Elf on the Shelf ideas from creatives on Instagram to help you kickstart your own elfish creativity. Enjoy!

1. Drinks for Two: Order up! Pose your elfish cutie with a delicious K-cup to-go mug — you know, to help them recharge for a busy day of festivities ahead.

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2. Christmas Spirit: A simple felt-and-glue DIY transforms this ordinary family portrait into the picture you wish you’d sent out with your holiday newsletter.

3. Ransom Note: The poor Elf on the Shelf didn’t have a chance when it came to the washi tape. He should have known not to mess with a crafter.

4. Genie in a Bottle: Your tiny tots will wonder all morning long how the heck their little elf managed to get himself in this pickle. Plus, it requires absolutely NO prep time!

5. Elf on Strike: If your little ones haven’t quite secured their spot on the nice list yet, try hosting your very own elf strike. If that doesn’t work, a phone call to Santa might do the trick.

6. Snow Angels: Even if you live in sunny LA, this cute Elf on the Shelf hack will grant you the white Christmas of your dreams… and a teensy morning cleanup.

7. Some Much-Needed R&R: You may not have guessed it, but being an elf is mega stressful. Why not give your little munchkin a break with a back massage from Barbie and company?

8. Spidey Senses: Does your little tyke love all things superhero? This super simple DIY can transform your mischievous elf into their favorite web-slinger.

9. Best Face Forward: Even elves need a little pampering every now and again. Hey, everyone has to look their best come Christmas Day!

10. Mischievous Doodles: Uh oh… this naughty elf has been caught doodling on the kiddo’s portrait! Just make sure to use a dry-erase marker instead of a Sharpie (or be willing to part with the pic) if you attempt this genius surprise.

11. Party Mishap: Looks like this elf had one too many eggnogs last night. Swing your munchkin from the ceiling with a simple string of holiday lights for a festive morning that your tots will be itching to tell their friends at school about.

12. Let Down Your Hair: Every elf dreams of wooing a princess, right? Create your own festive fairy tale using your kiddo’s fave royal character.

What’s your Elf on the Shelf up to? Share your pics with us by tagging @BritandCo on Instagram with the hashtag #IAmCreative.

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