It’s time for our monthly round up of new ideas on Kickstarter! From a headband that tracks your focus and stress level to a wallet that tracks where you last pulled out your credit card, these products and gadgets will make life just a little bit easier—assuming they all reach their funding goals, of course.

Spirit Steels

1. Spirit Steels: Similar to whiskey stones, these steel balls and discs actually keep your beverage colder longer than soapstone. Use the flat discs for cocktails like an old fashioned (or just a whiskey on the…stones) and opt for the spheres for your beer or wine. Finally! An acceptable way to keep those beverages chilled.

Wishbone Hanger

2. Wishbone Hanger: You know we love a good fun and functional wall hook, and this beautiful wishbone-inspired hook is no exception. We especially love the way it teeters back and forth depending on which side has the heavier item hanging on it. Plus there are color block options. What can we say, we’re hooked!

Easy Macro Lens

3. Easy Macro Lens: If you’ve ever tried using a lens on your smartphone, you’ve probably found it to be bulky, and you’ve had to remove your case to get it to snap on. That’s why we love this lens-on-a-band. You can slide it on over your case, and it’s small enough to slip in your purse. More selfies for all.

Kapture Wristband

4. Kapture Audio Recording Wristband Do you ever wish you could have a record of a phrase you came up with or a joke your friend told? That’s where Kapture comes in. The wristband continually records the sounds around you, and if you want to keep a 60-second segment, simply tap the band. That will save the last minute of audio, and sync it to the Kapture app on your smartphone. How would you use this gadget?

Spurcycle Bicycle Bell

5. Spurcycle Bicycle Bell: We love beautiful and functional bike gadgets here at Brit HQ, and this new bell from Spurcycle fits that bill. For its small size, it’s incredibly loud. We love the fact that it comes in an all black version, so it won’t detract from your bike’s style. Plus, the custom-designed mounting system enables it to attach to any set of handlebars.

Stantt Custom Shirts

6. Custom Fit Button Downs If you’re tired of not finding the right size shirt for your husband, boyfriend, or dad, try these button downs. Instead of the traditional small, medium, large, etc. they’ve create more than 50 shirt sizes based on three measurements: waist, chest, and arm length. Above you can see what a difference a well-fitting shirt makes. Now if only they’d do the same thing for women’s blouses!

The Butler

7. The Butler Home Organizer Install this organizer by your front door or on your bedroom wall, and keep everything you need at hand. Your keys and wallet will fit in the compartment on top. The darker wooden bar slides out to make room for your smartphone and charger. Plus, it can hold your glasses, favorite necklace, or even a lightweight scarf. You’ll never walk out of the door without your essentials again.

Mag Back

8. Mag Back iPad Mount In the final days of its campaign, this smart iPad mount is incredibly sleek. Two magnetic grips clip onto the back of your iPad and stick to your fridge. Or you can mount a metal ring to your wall and stick your iPad there. Plus, you can choose your favorite color to match your SmartCover. This might be our new favorite way to watch videos while we’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen. It’s also great for displaying photo slideshows while you’re entertaining.

Emotiv Insight

9. Emotiv Insight: We’ve covered quantified self headbands that read your brainwaves before, but this Kickstarter project aims to do much more. Not only will it give you data to help you improve your focus, it will also give you input based on your output about your stress level, relaxation, and even when you blink or wince! We can’t wait to try one on.

Ping Wallet

10. Ping Wallet: While the physical design is simple, don’t be fooled, this wallet is smart. Not only does it block scanners and protect from identity theft, but it can also tell when you’ve removed a card and remind you to put it back via the corresponding app. (No more leaving your card at the bar after opening a tab. Sweet!) And finally, if you lose your wallet, you can check the GPS in the app to see when it was last opened. It’s a good starting point for retracing your steps.

Relaxing Tissues

BONUS! Relaxing Tissues: Okay, this one just made us laugh. It’s basically a tissue box filled with bubble wrap. Pull out a sheet to pop when you’re feeling stressed. We’re betting a DIY version with an empty tissue box could be whipped up in less than 5 minutes.