1. If this doesn’t get worked into a rom-com script, we don’t even know anymore. Seth Myers’ wife Alexi Meyers went into premature labor on Sunday, and when Seth returned to his desk on Late Night last night, he told the whooooole hilarious story. In short, it involved a six-star worthy Uber driver, Alexi screaming out of the cab window into the streets of New York, a hospital staff wearing bunny ears, no time for pain killers and more. Tracy Morgan was a guest on the show, and after hearing the story, brought Seth a box of condoms for his new son as a gift. “Don’t get anybody pregnant before the age of 30,” the card said. Oh, Tracy!

2. This is what it’s like to get a text from Leonardo Dicaprio. Jennifer Lopez was James Corden’s latest carpool karaoke guest, and all was well and good until he took her phone to get a peek at her contact list. Who’d he decide to text? Leo. “Hey baby, I’m kind of feeling like I need to cut loose. Any suggestions?” They both got giddy when he replied. His answer? “You mean tonight boo boo? Club wise?” J Lo seemed totally charmed that he took the text so seriously, and honestly, so did we. Boo boo!

jana kramer baby

3. Jana Kramer’s new mom struggle is real. Former One Tree Hill star and country singer Jana Kramer revealed to People that — surprise! — life immediately after having a baby isn’t all that glamorous. “I’m not quite sure when I brushed my teeth last,” she admits, saying that she can’t wait to get dolled up for the American Country Music Awards. “I don’t wear anything nice anymore, I have spit-up on me constantly, I haven’t showered in three days. Yeah, I need some me time.” (h/t People, photo via @kramergirl)

4. British newspaper The Sun tried to solicit cleavage selfies and got TROLLED SO GOOD. Seriously, Sun? A best boobs contest? When the paper tweeted to get entries for its “Bust in Britain” contest, a stream of replies of mostly men sharing pics of their squished together pecs and butt cracks flooded in. Our favorite? The adorable orangutan pictured above. (h/t Mashable)

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.28.30 AM

5. The adorable dog that did a maternity photo shoot had puppies, and they’re so cute we’re crying. You might remember this adorable pup that blew up on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, pregnant as can be and posing fiercely for maternity photos. Photographer Anna Paula Grillo shared new pics of sweet Lilica with her new litter, and if there’s ANYTHING that’s gonna get us through this hump day, it’s these pup-pups. (via Facebook)

6. Quote of the Day: “I’ve come to believe that whoever I am didn’t start on December 14, 1946, and isn’t going to end on whatever that mysterious date is in the future.” — Patty Duke, December 14, 1946 – March 29, 2016

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