Our love for makers and entrepreneurs means that Shark Tank takes up serious space on our DVRs. So many of the products presented on the show are genius and, since ’tis the season and all, here are ones we want wrapped for the holidays. Take a dive into the tank with us to find your loved ones the kinda gifts that will make them say “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Foodie-Approved Gifts

1. The Cookie Dough Cafe ($45, pack of four pints): Who hasn’t snuck a few bites of cookie dough while baking? Now you can send the baker on your list one of these doughy pints so they won’t feel guilty about consuming raw eggs by the spoonful.

2. eCreamery ($60-$100): This company enables the user to create a personalized ice cream, gelato or sorbet flavor and get it shipped in some dry ice. Show the sweet tooth in your life how sweet they are with a pint. Be careful though, there are so many delicious flavors in the company’s arsenal, it’ll be hard to not ship one your way.

3. Cinnaholic ($60 per dozen): These gourmet cinnamon rolls are a health-conscious sweet tooth’s dream — they’re as healthy as baked goods can get. Available in a variety of flavors and dairy-free, lactose-free, egg-free and cholesterol-free, you’ll get big grins from anyone who scores this dozen.

4. Coffee Joulies ($50-$90): Sometimes coffee is just too hot and you don’t want to wait for it to cool down, but you also don’t want to water it down with ice. Get the coffee-holic on your list these coffee beans and they will happily indulge in their brew with no complaints.

5. Air Cork ($25-$30): Switch up the tired wine-preservation cork game and get this inflatable option. If you’re buying for a wino, they’re bound to love this handy balloon cork — that is, if they’re the kind of winos who leave a glass or two behind… ever.

6. Define Bottle ($15-$30): Get the soda lover on your list off the unhealthy kick with these beautiful, fresh fruit-infusing bottles. With built-in strainers to prevent fruit escapes, and various size options, this bottle is a must.

7. Susty Party ($5-$75): The hostess with the mostess you know will love these fun, sustainable, compostable party essentials.

8. Beatbox Beverages ($25-$50): Boxed wine is totally blah, so why not give a gift that is all about that bass? These low-calorie, party-ready wine-based cocktail boxes come in a variety of flavors ready to turn up any party.

9. Baker’s Edge ($36-$50): There are folks who love the ooey gooey centers and those of us who like it a little rough around the edges. You’ll need to gift this pan with enough ingredients for multiple batches.

Fashionista-Approved Gifts

1. Tipsy Elves ($65): Everyone loves a quirky (or ugly) Christmas sweater. Gift one of these hilarious pull-overs and the receiver is bound to be the talk of the holiday parties.

2. Grace and Lace ($10-$60): These handmade clothing, scarves, socks and accessories are the perfect gift for the girl who loves looking fashionable while staying comfy and warm.

3. The Red Dress Boutique ($12-$330): Send that super cool teen you know a gift certificate and let them go wild with all the fashionable finds at this Shark Tank-backed boutique (new items are added everyday at 10AM!).

4. HoodiePillow ($20-$23): Never have neck pain again while traveling with this cozy, inflatable neck pillow. Available in a variety of designs, there’s bound to be a look for every traveler on your list.

Fitness Fan Gifts

1. Villy Customs ($390-$700): These custom cruisers will leave onlookers in awe, wondering whether the (lucky) recipient is cruising the beach or just their ‘hood.

2. SURFSET Fitness ($550): This surf-simulating board is the perfect gift for the landlocked waterlover looking for a core workout. A little too pricey? No worries, these boards can be found at gyms across the nation, so a membership would be groovy too.

Gifts to Geek Out Over

1. SoundBender ($8-$18): Stuff one of these magnetic, power-free amplifiers in your techie’s stocking as a budget-friendly alternative to wireless speakers.

2. Fold N’ Play Speakers ($16): Let your giftee have some fun with these origami-like speakers that use your music player’s battery power. They can collapse them and take ’em anywhere they want and pop ’em back up easily.

3. PowerPot ($150): Keep your camper fully charged with this portable cooking pot and USB charger, soldl in the Brit + Co Shop. It will definitely have everyone gathering around the fire.

3. UniKey ($180): Those hopping on the smarthome wave will definitely have this smart lock on their list. Using a secure app (or keyfob), all the home dweller has to do is walk up and touch the lock to gain access to their humble abode.

Gifts for the Kids

1. Freshly Picked ($45-$60): Baby moccasins?? Seriously, our eyes are watering from the cuteness. Every baby needs a pair (or two) of these high-quality, handmade leather booties this holiday season.

2. Medimals ($8): Help the stressed out mom on your list with this adorable talking animal medicine dispenser. Medicine time will be painless from now on (and accompanied with cute tunes).

3. Lollaland ($16-$20): Make meal- and snacktime mess-free with these innovative and modern cups and plates.

4. Roominate ($20-$50): Gift your kiddo with this open-ended, hands-on STEM toy that encourages their creativity and innovation for years to come.

5. SoapSox ($20): Gift a tub toy with purpose this holiday season. These animal washcloths are not only fun, but help clean your little one with finger pockets for scrubbing and an opening for soap.

6. Zipadee-Zips ($35-$40): Give the gift of a good night’s sleep (what else would new parents want?) with these wearable blankets that help to ease the swaddle transition for a more natural night’s sleep for newborns.

7. Tie-Not ($5): We admit, we love a water balloon fight — that’s why this would be perfect for every kid no matter the age.

Puppy Perfect Presents

1. HeartPup ($60-$140): The dog carrier game is not as fashion-friendly as it could be. Gift friends and their furry friends this stylish accessory so they can both strut the streets in style.

2. Ry’s Ruffery ($10): These grain-free, natural, vegetarian treats are perfect for the dog owner who is conscious about what their pup is consuming (that should be every owner, no?). Added bonus: This brand was founded by a 10-year old entrepreneur.

Bonus: Best Stocking Stuffer Ever

Drop Stop ($20): Everyone always accidently drops something into the depths of the spaces under car seats. Now that won’t be an issue with this simple but clever device that stops anything from falling into the abyss.

We are totally loving these entrepreneurs’ products, and we’ll be putting most of them on our holiday shopping list.

Which gift(s) are you planning on purchasing from Shark Tank entrepreneurs? Let us know in the comments below.