It seems everyone can’t get enough of healthy eating advice. Every year there are crazy new hacks to try, like the weeklong chocolate cleanse or taco cleanse. For the more ambitious, there are longer challenges like Whole30 (a stricter version of Paleo, intended as a periodic restart). And then there are full-out lifestyle changes like clean eating and the macro diet. But through it all, there’s one health *hack* that keeps coming back — possibly because it works? — and that is portion control. There’s something to be said for all good things, including sweets, in moderation. If this strategy strikes a chord with you, you’ll HEART these 19 single-serving desserts.


1. Mini Mixed-Berry Pot Pies: These ramekin pies are just overflowing with luscious, sweet berries. Your dessert-loving taste buds are gonna be doing the happy dance. (via Kitchen Enthusiast)


2. Healthy Single-Serving Funfetti Microwave Cake: Remember when *snack* was an official meal of the day, and if you were good and got lucky, you’d get something with sprinkles? This single serving funfetti cake is bringing snack back. (via Desserts With Benefits)


3. Single-Serving Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies: If you hanker for a good Tollhouse cookie, you’ll love this easy take. Every forkful is like biting into heavenly layers of pure chocolate chip goodness. (via Ellen’s Messy Kitchen)


4. Carrot Cake in a Mug: You’re looking at a single serving of carrot cake that cooks up quick and is *secretly* good for you. Healthy eating doesn’t get much better than this! (via Chocolate Covered Katie)


5. Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Bites: This treat is the perfect compromise when you’re craving a triple chocolate dessert but want to keep things in proportion. One bite, and you’ll be like a kid in a candy store — but this time with unlimited funds. (via Delish Knowledge)


6. Deep Dish Peanut Butter Cookie for One: This one’s for all the peanut butter fanatics in the house — you know who you are. Soft in the center and crisp around the edges, it’s the BOMB. (via Zag Left)


7. Healthy Single-Serving Red Velvet Microwave Cake: This decadent red velvet cake is hiding a nutrient-packed surprise — it’s made with roasted beets. (via Desserts With Benefits)


8. Single Serve Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake: If there’s any more satisfying duo than peanut butter and chocolate, we haven’t heard about it. (via Healthy Glow)


9. Microwave Snickerdoodle Cookie: If you’ve been jonesing for some snickerdoodles, there’s safety here in portion control. BOOM. Your life is now complete. (via Kirbie’s Cravings)


10. Single-Serve Paleo Microwave Brownie: When a chocolate craving hits, you need a recipe like this in your tool belt. Now an ooey-gooey, slightly under-baked ramekin of chocolatey goodness can be yours whenever the *hangries* come calling. (via Joy, Food, Sunshine)


11. Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake: Oh, em, gee — a single-serve cinnamon bun is now a thing, and you need it in your life right now. Take that, you pesky Cinnabon cravings! (via Kirbie’s Cravings)


12. Sugar-Free Lemon Mug Cake: There’s something about the sweet and tart combination of a lemon dessert that makes it so refreshing. This version is sugar-free and so zingy that it makes a perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up. (via Sugar-Free Mom)


13. Healthy One-Minute Low-Carb Pumpkin Chocolate Mug Cake: Who doesn’t HEART a chocolate mug cake? If you thought they were off your plate forever, this one is perfectly Paleo. (via The Big Man’s World)


14. Pumpkin Pie Mug Cake: You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy pumpkin pie. Great pumpkins, Charlie Brown — there’s the tasty goodness of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon in every luscious bite. (via The Kitchn)


15. Single-Serving Brownie: This pan-baked brownie is seriously FUDGY. It’s like a shot of pure chocolatey goodness sent straight to your taste buds with every bite. (via Well Floured)


16. Single-Serving Peach Crisp: This dessert is bursting with fruit, thanks to big chunks of peach that complement the cinnamon and brown sugar. The oatmeal means this *could* qualify as a special-treat breakfast. (via Wholefully)


17. Vanilla Pudding for One: This homemade pudding calls for just six ingredients. It’s thick and rich and the intense vanilla flavor is over-the-top. (via Zag Left)


18. Gingerbread Mug Cake: This mug cake is super moist, thanks to all the sweet molasses in the mix. It’s also filled with gingerbread spices that will waft around the kitchen long after you’ve zapped it. (via Sweet 2 Eat Baking)


19. Sweet Potato Pie for One: Like every good sweet potato pie, this single-serve version starts with a graham cracker crust and is filled with perfectly spiced sweet potato custard. Top yours with a spoonful of maple whipped cream and you’ll be in dessert nirvana. (via Zag Left)

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