Every day is another day in the future. And every day, we’re approaching a future wherein stuff will happen without us asking. Our skin could turn into a remote. Cups can levitate above the table and never spill. And your phone could start turning your plans into action instantaneously.

Women texting in cafe

The US Patent and Trade Office just approved a patent from Apple that would allow Siri to keep an eye on your messages and, when you and the person you’re messaging decide to make plans, Siri could spring into action. Here’s how it would work:

Say you are your friends are group messaging and talking about meeting up to try a restaurant that opened up around the corner. With Apple’s patent, Siri would check everybody’s calendar and suggest a time that works for everyone. She could then add dinner plans to everybody’s calendar. (Siri is currently capable of making dinner reservations via OpenTable, so we wonder if she could combine these two features into one seamless planning experience.)

In another situation, one person asks “How long ’til you guys get here?” in a group text. Siri then checks everybody’s location and responds, “Everybody should be there in about five minutes.”

Of course, we have to mention that this is just a patent and there is no guarantee that Siri will ever do these things, but our fingers are crossed. Maybe Siri can add this feature’s release date to our calendar without our asking…?

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(h/t 9-to-5 Mac; photo via Hero Images/Getty)