What have you always wanted to learn? We asked ourselves that question and had a lot of answers. In our opinion, you can’t ever learn enough.

At our roots, we here at Brit + Co. love to learn just as much as we love to teach. Over the past (almost) two years that we’ve been around now, we’ve been focusing on DIY, coming up with all kinds of tutorials that we think you guys might love.

But DIY is slowly transforming to DIT (Do It Together) and we want to do a better job of creating right alongside you. That’s why we’re announcing that we are teaching class! Well, a video class, that is. We are planning to teach it on Skillshare in tiny chunks so that all of you crazed multi-taskers only have to spend minutes at a time taking each lesson.

The best part? We’ll be mailing you all the supplies you need for class as well! A personal Brit Kit will come your way just in time for the course to begin.

Before we come up with our first subject, we want YOUR input. So please take this moment to tell us what you want to learn! We’ve provided a submission form at the bottom of this post, and a few ideas below.

Ever wanted to know the ins and outs of Photoshop? If you’re like us, this was once a foreign land. But we have to tell you, learning Photoshop changed our lives…literally.

But the best thing about Photoshop isn’t just learning how to use it, it’s learning how to apply what you’ve made digitally in your analog life! That’s why we want to not only teach how to use this amazing software, but also how to create all sorts of amazing photo DIYs with it. Think: how to transfer your photos to wood and canvas, how to make your own stationery, and more.

Did we mention we’ll even offer you a custom DIY kit for the class?! Oh right, we did.

One of our most popular DIY categories is jewelry. This skill is hot, hot, hot! But we get so many questions so frequently that we thought it could be fun to teach a class dedicated to everything from learning how to use jewelry-making tools, to learning beading, knotting, and more.

We’ll then take those skills and teach you how to make chic and trendy earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can keep them for yourself, or gift them to friends.

And guess what? We’ll also kit this one up for you with all of the necessary tools and supplies!

(image via Dominique Ansel)

Cronut or Doissant? No matter what you call it, there’s no denying this was the pastry of the year! Learn how to make this crowd-pleaser before the holidays to impress all of your out of town guests.

Part science and part skill, making basic croissants requires a little precision and patience. You can totally master this DIY, but it sure helps to have someone guide you through the process. Let us be your kemosabe as you graduate from caterpillar to butterfly.

(image via The Weathered Door)

Refinishing furniture is a fun and useful skill, especially when you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice on looks.

This DIY is all about tools and technique. We’ll help you get the right supplies and also provide easy-to-follow instructions from start to finish. We’ll even teach you some tricks to styling tabletops!

By the end of this course, you’ll feel like you can conquer any refinishing project.

So now it’s time for you to let us know what YOU want to learn! Choose from one of the ideas above or add something new. We’ll be launching the class on

in just over a month. If we choose your class, you’ll be entered to win a chance to

take the class for free

. Woohoo!