Few things are better than snuggling with a loved one until you fall asleep. But once you hit dreamland, is your sleeping position actually pushing your SO away? Could the way you sleep affect your relationship? Get all your questions answered thanks to this handy guide on sleeping positions for couples from The Sleep Matters Club.

sleeping 1

As it turns out, the way you fall asleep and the positions you end up in while sleeping can give you clues about the status of your relationship. It turns out if you’re already sleeping next to your SO, you’re in pretty good shape.

sleeping 2

94% of couples who spend time in contact with one another at night report happiness in their relationship (though about 10% sleep apart to get a good night’s sleep, and 25% argue about being kept awake by their partners)


The position you sleep in might also indicate how you act with your love. For example, if you sleep with your backs touching, that could mean that you and your SO are comfortable and relaxed with each other.

Curious about what your position means? Check out the full infographic to learn about your particular sleep habits and get some tips for ensuring you, and your partner, always get a good night’s rest.

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