Our hair always seems to do what we don’t want it to, know what I mean? If we’re after beachy, tousled waves, it’s probably stick straight and lacking any movement at all. If we’re rocking a super styled updo, there inevitably will be pieces falling out, so we’re left cursing each individual hair follicle responsible for our misbehaving locks. Good news, though: The days of dealing with hair that has a mind of its own could be over, thanks to a new celebrity hair trend that keeps our tresses in place.

Super sleek, straight hair that’s kept behind the ears and shoulders is in. Forget about the intentionally messy, lazy girl trend of hairstyles past. Instead, embrace symmetrical, chic styles that put your face front and center. Middle parts keep this look as minimalist and simple as red carpet-approved ‘dos get. Here are three ways to wear this trendy hairstyle.


Lea Michele proved the sleek-and-slicked style can be elegant enough to sport with a sophisticated black getup on the red carpet at the 33rd Annual PaleyFest in LA earlier this week. Her crisp center part created a clear focal point for her look, while the rest of her hair was kept tucked behind her ears and shoulders. Not a single strand was out of place, and that is the key to this look; it’s that well-groomed quality that makes it work. A lightweight hair serum and strong-hold hairspray are key to keeping flyaways at bay. (Photo via Randy Shropshire/Getty)


Keke Palmer *brought it* to PaleyFest with the same fierceness as Lea Michele did — and rocked a similarly chic hairstyle with a cool-girl twist. The biggest difference between Keke and Lea’s hair was Keke’s choppy bangs, which gave her ‘do an edgy vibe. Keke’s hair was also a bit less slicked back, so it was easy to see the gorgeous movement in her locks. Instead of slicking everything down with serums and hairspray, use a styling cream while your hair is wet. Other than that, focus on making your bangs look perfect, because they’ll be the center of attention. (Photo via Randy Shropshire/Getty)


Dove Cameron’s hair at the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards fell somewhere between Lea Michele’s sleek ‘do and Keke Palmer’s less structured look, but was still intentionally kept behind her ears and shoulders to give it that elegant feel. Dove’s hair looks like it was kept more natural — it doesn’t look loaded up with products — which let it shine when it hit her shoulders. The few pieces of hair that fell in front of her ears kept her style a bit flexible. She could totally rock this on the red carpet and then at brunch the next day. (Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)

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