Smartphone addiction is no joke! While it鈥檚 amazing to have apps that alert you to everything happening under the sun, staying super connected can also be draining and a major distraction from getting your work done. From morning rituals to boost your creativity to countless downloads of productivity apps, there are a lot of techniques that help you stay on task. But we just stumbled upon a simple solution that鈥檚 quite a departure from rigid techniques: purposeful disconnection.


The simple tip? Disconnecting your phone from WiFi for at least two or more hours, if not the whole day. Disconnecting isn鈥檛 actually as difficult as you think it might be, and thankfully, it doesn鈥檛 require an overpriced retreat to a far flung location (though we admit, that sounds pretty amazing). Startup-founder Maren Kate Donovan recently reflected on spending time without WiFi in a blog post on聽Escaping the 9 to 5, writing, 鈥淒riving around a new city, walking to get coffee, waiting for the subway 鈥 all take on new meaning. I get absorbed in the sights, smells and sound 鈥 versus focusing in on whatever or whoever demands my intention through my phone.鈥

We鈥檙e after what Maren Kate found when she forced herself to take some time away, too. 鈥淭he nagging questions that have been plaguing me for days or weeks seem to work themselves out when left to their own devices, without any form of distraction to feed off of,鈥 she shared. 鈥淪omething magical happens after hours of purposeful disconnection: inspiration hits.鈥

Do yourself a favor, and take this tried-and-true advice to stimulate your creativity. Head out for an uninterrupted workout, afternoon shopping sesh with friends or stay home and sneak in some high-quality alone time. We bet you鈥檒l find that the unplugged time you spend is more productive than trying to furiously power through work at your desk.

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