Our awesome speaker list at Re:Make 2016 (happening September 30-October 1) includes SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan. If you’re a SoulCycle enthusiast, you know that a 45-minute spin class is so much more than just exercise. It’s a dance party/sweat session/feel-good experience guaranteed to energize both your mind and body. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Here are 10 thoughts that go through every rider’s head while they’re tapping it back.


1. You’re already sweating. The room is Bikram yoga hot and those fans in the corner must only be decorative because they are NOT on. There are beads of sweat forming on your forehead, and your entire body is already shiny. And it’s been two minutes since you clipped in.


2. You love your instructor! (You hate your instructor.) That super toned ball of muscle at the front of the room is riding, cheering you on and yelling instructions all in the same (controlled) breath. You are simultaneously impressed and enraged. No, you turn the dial up a touch, Tallulah!


3. You don’t understand how absolutely everyone looks like a pro. Everyone is doing push-ups and dancing on their bikes. In unison. And the legs of the person in front of you are moving so fast, like inhumanly fast.


4. Oh HEY, Bey. Taylor, Britney, Biebs are all featured in the bumpin’ playlist. You’d dance if your feet weren’t attached to a stationary object. “Crazy in Love” comes on and there is only one thing to do: Slay (aka spin faster).


5. You’re convinced the class is almost over. (Spoiler: It’s not). Your legs are burning, and you’re really regretting your non-breathable clothing choices right about now. You’re maybe halfway through class, at best.


6. Two-pound weights get heavy real fast. At the beginning of arms, you throw your head back and laugh at your silly 2-3 pound weights. A few reps in, these torture devices feel like giant blocks of concrete.


7. You wish you’d worn waterproof mascara. Thank goodness the room is dark and the mirrors are fogged up because your makeup is Niagara Falling down your face. On the plus side, your smokey eye is next level.


8. The motivational sayings are giving you life. “Be the best you.” “Why can’t every day feel like Friday?” Maybe it’s the exhaustion, heat or adrenaline rush, but you’re soaking up these words of wisdom and feeling like a boss.


9. You so earned happy hour tonight. You’ve burned off your breakfast, lunch and then some. You can’t wait to celebrate with all the foods and drinks.


10. You can’t wait for the next class. You look like you just went for a swim, and you’re not going to walk properly for the rest of the night, but you feel stronger than ever. You loved every sweaty minute and are gunning to get back on that bike.

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