Got the February blues? This time of year provides the perfect opportunity to give yourself some serious self-care. But if a month-long check-in at the spa of your choice isn’t in the cards, why not try DIY-ing your favorite treatments? These handmade beauty products and more are everything you need for a complete at-home spa day to refresh and restore. So what are you waiting for? Quick! To the body butters.

1. Budding Bubble Bath Bars: Didn’t get the flowers you wanted for Valentine’s Day? Make your own! These bath bars smell even better than real blooms. (via A Beautiful Mess)

2. DIY Bath Caddy: When you’re relaxing in a nice bath, the last thing you want to do is look for a place to rest your book (or that glass of wine). Find a handy spot for both with this clever DIY. (via A Pair & A Spare)

3. DIY Eucalyptus Shower Spray: This all-natural spray will give even the briefest showers that relaxing sauna vibe. (via A Bubbly Life)

4. DIY Rose Petal Bath Salts: Bath salts are the less intense cousin of a fizzy bath bomb. You can add as much or as little as you want, and they look gorgeous on display in a glass jar too. (via Paper & Stitch)

5. Coffee Body Scrub: Wake up in style with a scrub that’ll invigorate you from your fingers to your toes. (via Catching Seeds)

6. Grapefruit and Peppermint Perfume DIY: Carry that pampered feeling with you throughout the day with this oh-so-refreshing spritz. (via A Beautiful Mess)

7. Turmeric Fake Mask: Starting your beautification process with a calming face mask is how you make sure those Instagram selfies stay on fleek. (via Hello Glow)

8. Chamomile Hair Rinse: Don’t leave your hair out of the equation! Give those luscious locks a little TLC with this citrusy herbal treatment. (via Ashley Brooke Nicholas)

9. Honey Oatmeal Face Mask: Soothing oatmeal and honey will take care of that dry, irritated winter skin situation. (via A Cultivated Nest)

10. Lavender and Bergamot Candle: If you take a bath without a candle, did you really even take a bath? This DIY version is aromatherapy perfection. (via The Casual Craftlete)

11. DIY Whipped Coconut Shea Balm: Winter’s deep freeze calls for the best moisturizing products around, and that means shea butter and coconut oil. (Yes, we know this is intended for babies — but have you ever felt a baby’s skin? We could all use some of that softness.) (via Hello Glow)

12. DIY Rose Bath Bombs: For an everyday indulgence, try these handmade rose bath bombs. (via Beauty Crafter)

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