Remember spin art? It was kind of the best. All you had to do was know how to squeeze a drop of paint onto a spinning apparatus, and boom! Artwork. While we’re not rushing to get our hands on an official art spinner anytime soon, we were psyched to come across this clever hack. Just like the title of this post says, you can totally create spin art with a… salad spinner!

Oh and guess what else? As part of our obsession with making the most colorful messes ever, we’ve teamed up with Method to give away a year’s supply (!!) of Method cleaning products as well as a $500 Kate Spade gift card! Read all about this monster giveaway right here.

As you can see, this is yet another project that is a huge mess! Fortunately, we’ve teamed up with Method, our official partner in cleaning, to keep things tidied up through all our messy paint-covered projects. For more happy messes, check out our Clean Happy Series, all part of our partnership with Method.

 – card stock

– acrylic paint

– cards, gift tags, etc.

Method Foaming Hand Soap (to wash your hands)

Method Dish Soap (to clean the spinner)

Method All-Purpose Cleaner (to clean your worktable)

 – salad spinner!

– scissors


1. Cut card stock to the size you like. You could make a card, a gift tag or a small piece of art.

2. Put a piece of tape on the back of your cut piece of card stock.

3. Place taped piece in salad spinner.

4. Squeeze paint onto the card stock. It can be drops or lines of paint.

5. Put the lid on the salad spinner and get it spinning!

6. Take the card stock out and let it dry.

7. Turn it into whatever you like!

The materials for this are pretty basic. And don’t worry. That salad spinner will still be salad-ready after you’re done with this project… as long as you clean it up!

And on that note, these are your tools for keeping things clean as a whistle. Now, let’s get to it.

Cut your card stock to whatever size you like. You can fold it over to create a card, cut out a circle or fun shape as a gift tag or just use a rectangle to turn into a piece of art. Place a piece of tape on the back of the card and stick it to the bottom of the spinner.

Squeeze out drops or lines of paint onto your card. Then put the spinner on top and… spin!

Look at that! It’s a totally chic take on spin art, don’t you think?

We love how abstract it looks.

We made a card, a gift tag and a piece to be framed as art. Let your pieces dry for at least 30 minutes.

While they’re drying, clean up your space. Use Method All-Purpose Cleaner to clean your worktable.

Use Method Foaming Hand Soap to get all that paint off your hands. And Method Dish Soap to get that salad spinner back in action.

Now that everything’s dry, time to put the finishing touches on each piece. For the art, we put it in a white frame.

For the gift tags, we attached them to gifts wrapped in kraft paper and washi tape.

And for the card, all we needed was an envelope!

How fun is that?

We seriously love the subtle hues of this gift tag.

Thanks to Method for partnering up with us on this series. It’s so much fun to get messy! :)

What’s the messiest project you’ve ever made? Tell us about it in the comments below.

This series is a collaboration with Method.