We’re in the middle of April and the fresh days of spring. With that comes the endless proclamations of “This weekend I’m doing some major spring cleaning!” While many tend to push it off weekend after weekend, we think we’ve found the secret to getting everyone to actually tackle the dreaded task: by promising you can make easy money doing it! We’ve previously covered some of the best online outlets for reselling clothes once you’ve sorted through what you want to keep and what you don’t for the season, so we thought of other things you could be tossing out that could make you money. If your phone’s space allows, we think you should download all these apps so you can make it rain courtesy of some spring cleaning action — without having to resort to Craigslist.

Sell Your Entertainment Devices

After emptying out the closet, scrubbing the house and even giving the dog her seasonal bath, it’s time to hit up the entertainment aisle of your home. While there are apps for selling movies, TV shows and games, there isn’t one specific to reselling the actual TV, your old camera or even that years-old smartphone. So swing by Best Buy or GameStop or visit Amazon or Gazelle to sell all your tech devices. Then, if you’ve still got a bunch of discs or even an instrument, download the below apps for those needs.

1. Decluttr: We’re sure the thought has crossed your mind of getting rid of DVDs, CDs and games before. Why have them take up space when you can easily stream them? Enter the barcode of that Friends series box set and make some extra cash by selling it to someone who hasn’t heard of Netflix.

DL It: Free on iOS + Android

2. Reverb: Done pretending you’re ever gonna learn how to string a guitar? After you dig up the instrument from the depths of your closet, snap a shot + upload it to this app, then watch the offers come in. Before you know it, the strummer will be in the hands of someone who will probably take advantage of the music maker.

DL It: Free on iOS + Android

 Sell and Ship Anything

If your phone’s storage space is way too full for a slew of new apps, check out one of these to get rid of everything in your sell pile in one go.

3. Mercari: Sell everything from electronics, fashion + jewelry or even things you’ve handmade by snapping a shot and creating a listing. Then, once someone snatches up your items, you print, ship and get paid. So easy, even your kids could do it.

DL It: Free on iOS + Android

4. Carousell: This secondhand marketplace allows you to clean up your clutter while making a dollar. By snapping your product and chatting with buyers of your products — makeup, shoes, dresses, kids’ attire and more — the more you post, the more you make. And declutter ;)

DL It: Free on iOS + Android

 Sell Your Stuff Locally

When it comes to buying and selling all your items without shipping through an app, there are a ton of options. You could go the virtual garage route, sell your items socially, keep your sales within a five mile radius or put a bunch of offers up and see what sticks. In case all those choices aren’t enough for your seller outlets, we picked out three of our faves you should definitely download STAT.

5. Saily: Snap a picture, set a price, write a quick description and get your sell on. Not only can you unload your no-longer-useful items onto others and make money in the process, but you can also follow users with similar interests so you can be notified when they upload new items to guarantee you don’t miss out on a must-have.

DL It: Free on iOS

6. Wallapop: Yes, flea markets are fun to check out on the weekend, but sometimes you want to hit them up on the daily. That’s where this app steps in, enabling you to buy and sell your previously used items where you can then turn around and get some items from other buyers. All that’s missing from this app is the quintessential flea market food trucks.

DL It: Free on iOS + Android

7. Neerbuy: This app makes selling items as easy as tweeting can be. Upload an image of your item(s), add a little description, then chat with potential interested buyers. Then once you get a buyer, easily discuss when and where to meet and make that transaction complete.

DL It: Free on iOS

Sell Your Gift Cards

Sometimes — always? — you just don’t want or know what to do with that gift card your Aunt/Grandma gave you for Christmas. Now, instead of letting it go to waste and decay in your nightstand drawer, sell it to make some cash or to buy one you’re actually going to end up using.

8 + 9. Raise + SaveYa: Both of these apps allow you to sell your gift cards for cash or buy gift cards at a discounted rate. The best part is you can sell and buy instantly and then turn that money into spent cash immediately. No one said just because you’re making money, you had to save it ;)

DL Raise: Free on iOS

DL SaveYa: Free on iOS + Android

 Sell Your Kids’ Clothes

Your little ones grow out of their clothing fast, but sometimes you don’t have the chance to pass it on to a friend or find other uses for it. Now you have options to not only get rid of the hand-me-down piles, but you can make money too.

10. Totspot: Once you finally have the time to clean out your growing kids’ closet and drawers — if ever — create listings of all their too-small outfits and make some money on them. Everyone knows how expensive kids are, after all.

DL It: Free on iOS + Android

11. Kidizen: Create your own shop in this parent-to-parent children’s clothing marketplace. Sell in a snap, buy in a click and even discover new kids’ fashion designers in this so-cute-you’ll-want-it-all resale app.

DL It: Free on iOS

 Sell Your Home Decor

A spring cleaning session could totally involve ditching your current furniture and picking out some new pieces. There’s no need to drag everything out on your driveway for a garage sale when apps are in our world.

12. Chairish: Head to this app where you can sell your unwanted home accessories, while also picking up some vintage finds. Think of this one like a digital estate sale.

DL It: Free on iOS

13. Krrb: Looking for a curiously global classifieds app made just for you? This is it! With this app you can discover what’s around you while on the go or create your own listings of stylish houseware for others to scavenge or rummage through. Make money and connections all at once? Sold.

DL It: Free on iOS

 Sell Your Collectables

Discover some ancient treasures you used to collect and hold near and dear to your heart when you were clearing out the depths of your closet? Don’t just shove them back where you found ’em or toss them on the curb when you can make some extra cash instead.

14. Gemr: This app will be a goldmine for your closet treasures. Get rid of the newly discovered collector’s items and put them in the hands of those who will actually cherish them these days. If you actually happen to be looking to get back into the collection game after clearing some space, discover anything and everything thanks to this app’s social feed.

DL It: Free on iOS

Have you used any of these apps to make some extra cash? Let us know in the comments or share your favorites with us on Twitter @britandco.