When it comes to home decor, practicality and functionality are both an absolute must. At the same time, there’s nothing better than the feeling of coming home to a beautiful space full of original DIY wall art and unique flea market finds. If you’re looking for home decor that merges both form and function, you might want to try adding a sputnik lamp to your room. It’ll light up your space with added character, and there are so many different styles that you’re guaranteed to find one to suit your design tastes.

1. Retro Vibes: The sputnik lamp originated in the late 1950s, during a time when an infatuation with all things space-related was heavily influential in design. Pair your lamp with vintage pieces from the flea and organic, natural materials for a truly mid-century-modern aesthetic. (via Old House Online)

2. Small and Simple: If you’re working with a small room or studio, a large light fixture may be a little overwhelming for the space. This simple fixture is small, yet adds impact to the overall look of this living area. (via Vintage Revivals)

3. Focal Point: Stick with neutral colors and whites as a base for your decor, then choose a bright color or metallic (in this case, brass) as an accent piece. (via Design Within Reach)

4. Feminine and Chic: A gorgeously intricate sputnik adds a playful touch to this feminine space. (via Living Pink)

5. Minimal: A neutral color palette creates balance for this modern take on the classic sputnik lamp, offering a simple yet standout accent that’s perfect for a bedroom. (via FERRER)

6. Beach Vibes: If mid-century modern isn’t your style, you can still still use a sputnik to light up your chic space, such as in this coastal-inspired house. (via Andrew Howard Interior Design)

7. Neat Nursery: As a new parent, you’ll probably be spending a LOT of time in your baby’s room, so you’ll want to make sure it is visually appealing for both you and the little one. The all-white lamp creates a subtle contrast that’s visually stimulating but not overwhelming against the geometric print on the ceiling. (via Apartment Therapy)

8. Romantic: Eye-catching art, furniture and florals are balanced against a mostly neutral color palette, which gives the large lamp an exquisite presence without being over the top. (via Apartment Therapy)

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