No matter what your Star Wars needs may be in life, there’s something out there: makeup, wedding inspo and now, the perfect pair of shoes. In preparation for the new movie Star Wars: Episode VII, The Force Awakens, which comes out on December 18, British shoe company Irregular Choice has debuted a line of steppers that will make the sci-fi nerd in you really geek out.


They’ve thought of it all, folks: Darth Vader flats, R2-D2 platform heels and the pair that has a won over our hearts: the Chewbacca fur booties. There’s also a pair of pumps with Yoda for a heel and a pair of sky-high walkers (high sky-walkers?!) with a lightsaber heel that really lights up with every step. Yes, there are even sound effects. Repeat: There. Are. Sound. Effects.


There are fourteen styles in the collection of flats, platforms, heels and boots, and although many have sold out (don’t worry: the Chewbacca boots are still there — but hurry!), there’s hope that they’ll replenish before the flick hits theaters. We bet there are lots of Star Wars fans who will need these quirky shoes for opening night.

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(Images via Irregular Choice)