Some of life’s toughest situations can be hard for kids to grasp or understand, causing frustration, anger or fear when faced with changes like welcoming a new sibling or dealing with the death of a pet. The lack of books that help kids address these tough times in a friendly and personalized way inspired Susan McCormick and Jen McVey to create Stepping Stories, a series of tools to help children develop emotional and social skills.

Susan was dealing with a fussy two year old who didn’t want to give up a pacifier. Meanwhile, Jen was pregnant with her second child, whom she later discovered had serious allergies. In both of these challenging scenarios, the moms wished they had a way to explain to their kids what was happening to them without upsetting them.

Jen and Susan combined their experiences to develop a toolkit for parents to help their kids confront these and other challenging issues. From the death of a pet and food allergies to happier topics, like a new sibling, the books explain the changes in a clear, friendly way. They’re also personalized with the child’s name to create a story just for him or her.

The moms hope to expand Stepping Stories to eventually address the emotional needs of children at all ages, perhaps even serving adults with developmental disabilities. Plans to create stories for older children are underway, as well as creating stories with experts around topics like ADHD or dyslexia.

The stories are available for $5 as an e-book or $20 as a full-color printed book. Moms everywhere who are intrigued by this idea can rejoice, because Stepping Stories also plans to offer an app, a monthly subscription program and gift packages so you can give the product to loved ones who may need it. With a growing library of stories, we’re excited to see where this inspiring company will go in the future.

What do you think of this brilliant idea? Are you going to grab some personalized Stepping Stories for the kids in your life? Tell us below!