The runway is a great place to catch up on all the next-big-thing trends, but beyond the officialness of Fashion Week shows, it’s the streets (and our Instagram feeds) that we turn to time and again for inspiration. Budgets and bills mean a constant flow of new duds might not be in the cards, but an abundance of #OOTDs only a double tap away means it’s easy to pull together of-the-moment outfits with garments you already own. To prove our point, we’ve curated some of our favorite #whatiwore looks from the most fashionable ladies in London and Paris — because fashion month (and all that style inspo) continues after the lights go down in NYC. Scroll on for 24 style lessons we’ve learned from their impeccable style.


1. Two coats are better than one. Doubling up on outerwear is the ultimate way to combat the cold, while taking your layering game to the next level. Try your hand at pattern play and tuck a jacquard blazer under a vibrant statement coat (the bigger the clash, the better) or look to length to make your ensemble stand out by popping a bomber jacket over a classic car coat in a similar hue. Bonus points for matching your shoes to your purse. (Photo via @stelouchebabouche)


2. Peacocking is totallyappropriate. Outfit balance, sure. But sometimes you just need to go all out — girls’ night out, birthdays, bad days, Mondays, whatever! Throw caution to the wind and pull all of your favorite over-the-top accessories into one badass ensemble that will send those double taps through the roof. For a look that reads more Ab Fab than WTF, stick with colors that complement rather than contrast. (Photo via @justauniform)


3. Mixing metallics is more than okay. Don’t let out-of-date fashion rules keep you from blazing new trails. Mixing metals might feel like a major faux pas, but Pandora Sykes’ disco-ready getup is straight-up sartorial (silver and) gold. Take the look one step further and throw ’70s suede into the mix à la Jill Stuart Fall/Winter 2016. (Photo via @pandorasykes)


4. Summer sliders are fair game in winter. The new season’s steppers have officially started to roll in, and if you can’t wait to show off your latest #OOTD-worthy acquisition, the solution is simple: socks. Whether glitter-flecked or dreamy cashmere, a good old pair of socks will get any pair of pumps, flats or sandals in cold-weather-ready shape. Bonus points for funky patterns and eye-catching color. (Photo via @ninasuess)


5. A suit is always a goodidea. LBD? Please. The iconic black dress is timeless, but it just can’t compete with a suit’s unlimited #girlboss vibes. Rock it with a lacy cami (or sans if you’re feeling daring) and statement steppers for cocktails with the girls at that hot new locale, then switch gears come Monday with a bow neck blouse and menswear-inspired flats for a look Saint Laurent himself would have loved. (Photo via @rosiefortescue)


6. You should definitely be wearing sequins beforesunset. Sequins are synonymous with the dance floor, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can only wear them after hours. The ultra glam embellishment translates effortlessly to daylight, bringing a healthy dose of panache to everyday basics. Toss on a glittery tee with jeans, a boyfriend blazer and a beanie for an outfit that makes the transition from errand running to gallery hopping incredibly effortless. (Photo via @karenbritchick)


7. Turtlenecks and silk scarves areBFFs. A statement necklace isn’t the only way to accessorize a tricky turtleneck. Wrap a bandana or silk scarf around the neck for an unexpected touch that will flip the script on off-duty dressing. (Photo via @camillecharriere)


8. The dress-over-pants trend isn’t just for the red carpet. Admittedly, the whole dress-over-pants things is a lot of look, and that’s exactly why it feels so at home on the red carpet. Versace, Valentino and Gucci might not be in your fashion vocabulary, but that doesn’t mean you should leave this layered-up look solely to celebs. The fashion-forward combo is just the thing for an afternoon of vintage shopping, where quirkiness reigns supreme. Top off the pairing with a faux fur coat for endless diva vibes. (Photo via @sorayabakhtiar)


9. Statement shades can make anoutfit. Baubles and bags get all the credit, but a sick pair of statement sunglasses pack just as much game-changing potential. They sit front row center, so there’s no way they’ll go unnoticed. Take a top-down approach to your next on-the-go getup by letting your sunnies set the tone. You’ll want to make sure they make it into every #details post. (Photo via @kenzasmg)


10. Fashion and comfort don’t have to be at odds. Pajama dressing and athleisure have become the standard both on the runway and in the streets, proving that fashion can play nice. The building blocks on which these two styles are built — robes, slip dresses, joggers, trainers and tees — aren’t just for on-the-couch chill sessions either. Laid-back duds clean up real nice with tailored trousers, polished pumps and architectural blazers, which means very good things for your work-week wardrobe. (Photo via @zinafashionvibe)


11. A killer outfit is only one layeraway. A constant supply of new threads would no doubt be nice, but it isn’t exactly realistic (a girl’s gotta eat and pay rent and such). Luckily, style is priceless, and taking a hard look at your wardrobe and trying out new combinations can yield some seriously clever and incredible ensembles. Take two of this season’s must-have pieces, for example: the cold-shoulder top and frilly, feminine turtleneck. They hold it down on their own, but together they fuse modern and old-world aesthetics to create a look that’s nothing short of DDG. (Photo via @pandorasykes)


12. You can teach an old shirt new tricks. Thinking outside the box when it comes to styling is a recipe for success. A white button-down might seem like the definition of square, but many a chic outfit it does make. Instead of settling for its classic, sometimes corporate vibes, rework your tried-and-true number with a bit of creative buttoning. Drape it across the shoulders like an asymmetric coverup or rock it one-shoulder style to transition your nine-to-five look for happy hour in two seconds flat. (Photo via @adenorah)


13. When it doubt, red lipstick. Short on time? Red lipstick for the win. Just a swipe of the stuff can make even the most basic of outfits feel perfectly polished. Consider it the ultimate lazy-girl styling tip. (Photo via @hellovalentine)


14. Overalls have anytime appeal. The ’90s style staple isn’t exactly one you’d associate with boardrooms and fancy soirees, but the laid-back onesie definitely deserves a little more style cred. Elegant blouses, luxe add-ons and a pair of killer pumps are all you need to go from laid-back to lady-about-town. Statement sparklers are non-negotiable. (Photo via @thefrugality)


15. Everything is better with a belt. An expertly styled belt can breathe new life into any outfit, whether it’s a boho maxi with ’70s flair or a power suit that reads ready for business. Can’t make it to the tailor? A simple cincher can instantly change up a silhouette. Feeling a bit of closet fatigue? Slap a statement belt on top of any outfit to instantly take it in another direction. (Photo via @maisonmagda)


16. Stripes and color blocks just work. If you’re always on the lookout for ways to amp up your French girl stripes, take note. Color block is the ideal counterpoint to vertical or horizontal lines, encouraging plays on proportion and amplifying the linear detail’s eye-catching effect. While black and white could benefit from this styling tip, using vibrant color is how you’ll make the most impact. (Photo via @dreamingofchanel)


17. Monochromatic isn’t so black and white. Neutrals reign supreme when it comes to monochromatic looks — they’re not only classic, but they tone down the boldness of the single-shade aesthetic too. Gray, white, black and camel can start to lose their luster after all, so color becomes key in keeping this look feeling fresh. Designers have risen to the challenge, sending canary yellow, siren red and fiery orange ensembles out onto the catwalk, but it’s in the streets that the style is truly reaching its highest potential. If you really want to take the monochromatic thing to the next level, follow Frédérique Harrel’s lead and throw graphic prints, texture and fun shapes into the mix. (Photo via @freddieharrel)


18. There’s more to scarves than meets the neck. Fashion’s love affair with the silk scarf is real, and the most obvious way to show a little tenderness to the age-old accessory is by knotting it neatly around the neck. Above the collar isn’t the only place to rock this square stunner, however; it steps up to the plate in other areas too. Add it to your arm party or re-engergize a favorite bag by wrapping it around the handles or straps. (Photo via @amoureusedemode)


19. Glam cold-weather accessories are game-changing. Can’t bear to part with your favorite leather jacket come winter? Fuzzy statement accessories give your badass topper a luxe, cold-weather-appropriate edge, while cutting the don’t-mess attitude with a note of softness. (Photo via @sofievalkiers)


20. Layer with intention. Add intrigue to a monochromatic ensemble by letting a pop of vibrant color peek through in a didn’t-see-it-coming kind of way. Slip a printed top under a sassy cut out jumpsuit or dramatically drape a coat to expose one shoulder for an impactful pop of vibrant color. Maximize your off-duty wardrobe for your nine-to-five by applying this easy styling tip to your most scandalous pieces. (Photo via @camillecharriere)


21. Know thyself. Establishing a signature style or uniform won’t just make your style memorable — it’ll help you make those impulse buys and never-been-worn threads a thing of the past. Why? Because you’ll be able to identify the pieces that will and will not work with what you already own, plus you’ll have an established image of your style identity, which you can use as a reference point when buying new pieces. If an item doesn’t quite fit in with your ideal wardrobe, take a pass. Once you have your look on lock, it’s easy to mix things up with new colors, prints and fabrics. Need proof? Megan Ellaby is the queen of throwback chic. (Photo via @meganellaby)


22. Arm parties aren’t just for bangles. Go big or go home. Forget about dainty baubles and layer up on statement cuffs to send your accessories game to new heights. Feel free to mix textures, metals and styles; the more variety, the better. (Photo via @fringeandfrange)


23. Getting matchy-matchy with bae doesn’t have to be lame. This Parisian pair is turning the tables on twinning and making dressing like your S.O. a seriously stylish move. The key to getting it right isn’t by creating carbon-copy looks, but rather weaving subtle elements throughout each ensemble, whether it be a particular color, detail or silhouette. Above, the white in Alice’s cardi coat is mirrored in JS’s Stan Smiths, while both rock black bottoms and rolled cuffs. (Photo via @jaimetoutcheztoi)


24. Reverse the rules. Sometimes over the top is exactly what you want. Defy style norms and take a totally different approach to the idea of outfit balance. Instead of countering an oversized top with sleek structured slacks or a polished pencil skirt, pair them up with billowy wide legs or a flowy skirt. (Photo via @theblab)

What’s the best style lesson you’ve ever learned? Share it with us by tweeting at us @britandco!