We truly need to be grateful that we’re living in a world where healthy spins on comfort food classics are gaining momentum — even when it comes to sweets. It’s pretty hard to complain when the Internet is full of lightened-up desserts that are safe to chow down post-workout when your sweet tooth starts to ache. Heck, we’ve even been spoiled with a profusion of healthy chocolate recipes, for crying out loud! HEALTHY CHOCOLATE. Are we dreaming? Now making waves is the sweet potato — especially the purple sweet potato. Naturally sweetened in flavor, these amazing root veggies add a level of creaminess and color to desserts that cannot be matched by any other. See for yourself as you gawk at these 14 stunning desserts all made with — you guessed it — sweet potatoes.


1. Coconut Flour Pancakes With Purple Sweet Potato Spread: Calling all brunch enthusiasts! You’ll want every day to be “Pancake Day” once you stick your fork into this colorful stack of sweet and fluffy goodness. (via Radiant Rachels)

cooking with lei

2. Caramelized Sweet Potato: Whoever suggested that playing with your food was bad needs to sit back down. With only four ingredients, you too can create this whimsical masterpiece — and blow up Instagram with the #foodporn photos. (via Cooking With Lei)

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3. Violet and Sweet Potato Crème Brûlée: There is something incredibly satisfying about tapping the caramelized glass-like sugar top of a crème brûlée and finding spoonfuls of silky custard within. Sweet potatoes and violet liqueur bring this classic to a whole new level. (via Gourmantine)

wallflower kitchen

4. Coconut and Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream: Ice cream flavors are becoming increasingly exciting and offbeat these days — and we LOVE it. Purple sweet potatoes give this frozen treat an extra bit of creaminess while creating a stunning shade of lavender. (via Wallflower Kitchen)

alisha enid

5. Raisin Spiced Potato Donuts: You say “potato,” we say… “DONUTS.” These sweet puffs are spiced with nutmeg and offer sweet raisins in every bite. Whether you drizzle them with a vanilla glaze or cinnamon sugar is up to you — we think they’ll be scrumptious either way. (via Alisha Enid)

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6. Purple Power Parfait: Parfaits are always tempting with their layers of different flavors and textures — but this one takes the cake! Decked out with blueberries and flowers, this elegant parfait would be an ideal dessert for your next dinner party. (via Feasting on Fruit)

Neurotic Baker

7. Sweet Potato Cake With Pecans and Brown Sugar Frosting: And then there was cake… This gorgeous orange-hued cake is light on spice so the true essence of the sweet potato can shine through. Pecans and brown sugar frosting make for the perfect accompaniment. (via Neurotic Baker)

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8. Sweet Potato Cinnamon Buns: Cinnamon buns: a confection that can’t be denied once the scent hits you in the face and tickles your nose with the elements of sugar and spice and everything nice. This sweet potato variation is no different, so beware, as your neighbors might come a-knockin’. (via Oh Sweet Day)

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9. Chunky Monkey Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: No, loaded potatoes don’t need to be savory — nor do they need to be drowned in sour cream in order to be enjoyed. These babies are loaded with sweets and treats that will blow your mind, bringing decadent flavors all while being somewhat healthy. So much WIN! (via Running With Spoons)

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10. Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Ice Cream: I scream, you scream, we all scream for five ingredient ice cream! These scoops are delicious on their own, but slightly amped up if you care to drizzle some bittersweet chocolate peanut butter sauce on them. Just sayin’. (via The Vegan 8)

the big mans world

11. Flourless Sweet Potato Brownies: If you can count to four, you can make these rich, moist and fudge-y brownies. You seriously need only four ingredients. Chickpea and black bean brownies need to take a seat, because these sweet potato squares are deserving of the spotlight. (via The Big Man’s World)

ready to yumble

12. Sweet Potato Energy Shake: This sweet potato shake will truly bring all the boys to the yard — whether or not you want to make enough to share is entirely up to you. Blended with espresso or instant coffee, this healthy helping will surely give you the blast of energy you need. (via Ready to Yumble)

Anna Banana

13. Blueberry and Purple Sweet Potato Popsicles: The culinary world is excitingly unpredictable. I doubt you ever expected to cool off by indulging in sweet potatoes, but here they are in a creamy popsicle form and ready to refresh. (via Anna Banana)

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14. Purple Sweet Potato Sugar Cookies: No need for fake dyes or coloring here — these cookies are naturally plum colored thanks to the purple sweet potato. They’re also GF, vegan and sugar-free, which tells us that they fit nicely in that “healthy” category that cookies don’t normally fall into. (via Strength and Sunshine)

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