We鈥檒l probably never get enough of Disney, and that鈥檚 not a bad thing. While they continue to do live-action reboots of all their classics, the company is also working on bringing new stories to life featuring some of our most beloved characters. With the announcement way back in June that Tangled would be getting it鈥檚 own series, we鈥檝e been waiting for more info, and now, we can hardly wait, since they鈥檝e shown us that the main cast is back and it鈥檚 bringing some new famous voices along for the ride. It鈥檚 perfect timing, too, since we鈥檝e been dreaming about a DIY Rapunzel costume for Halloween.

Tangled: The Series takes place in the time between Tangled鈥榮 original release and the short film sequel Tangled: Ever After. The show will see how Rapunzel manages her new life as a princess while learning about the people of Cordova and getting to know Eugene better (they are getting married, after all).

Featuring Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Jeffrey Tambor, all reprising their movie roles, the show will also welcome Ashley Judd as Rapunzel鈥檚 mother, Queen Arianna, Sean Hayes (from Will & Grace) and comedian Jeff Ross. The show will feature loads of new songs for us to get stuck in our heads, written by the team that wrote the score for the original movie.

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(Photo via Disney.com)