With inspirational young models like Madeline Stuart walking in NYFW, plus-size models like Tess Holliday signing major contracts and even rising stars Andreja Pejic becoming the first trans model to star in a national makeup campaign, it’s evident that conventional beauty standards are no longer cutting it.

Retailers are also recognizing that plus-size, gender-neutral fashion not only sends a great message of inclusivity, it’s also a major money maker (we’re talking nine billion dollar a year industry). Recently, Target USA released their latest collection for Ava & Viv, their plus-size line, but their Australian stores have some totally different but equally major plans.

In a move to appeal and become more relatable to the common shopper, Target Australia intends to unveil plus-size mannequins up to AU size 20 in all their stores (in case you were wondering, that’s a size 16 in the US). The average dress size is a 14 in Australia (size 12 in the US), so this makes a whole lot of sense that shoppers might want to actually see their sizes reflected in the mannequins that are modelings their clothes.

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According to the Herald Sun, Target Australia’s Managing Director Stuart Machin has expressed that he hopes the change will “start a new conversation in the fashion industry, and trigger some change.” This is a long overdue conversation and so inspiring.

The awesome thing is Target US actually rolled out their own plus size mannequins back in 2014 in sizes upward to US size 16. YAAAAS. Amazing.

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(h/t Herald Sun, photos via Scott Olson/Getty + Target)