Our friends at Story have partnered with our friends at Target and we like what we see. If you鈥檙e unfamiliar with Story, it is an NYC retail concept that changes its space and merchandise every four to six weeks, completely reinventing itself with a new theme, new design and new floor plan. Like a permanent-but-always-changing pop-up shop. (Story鈥檚 Founder Rachel Schectman actually joined us at Re:Make in August to tell her story as an entrepreneur, which was a big treat.) And if you鈥檙e unfamiliar with Target, who are you?

Story just opened the doors to their annual seasonal bonanza shop, 鈥Home for the Holidays,鈥 where they curate some of the best gifts from around the world. It鈥檚 like a luxurious mountain retreat, equally rustic and stylish. This year, they鈥檝e partnered with Target to include favorites from their collections, namely from the more exclusive brands like Nate Berkus and Archer Farms. Not only that, but many of Target鈥檚 items are hashtagged so you can tweet and 鈥榞ram all the shopping fun. #OMT (Oh my, Target.)

The partnership came about when Shectman found herself unknowingly chatting with Target CEO Brian Cornell, who stopped by Story unannounced this fall. Once she realized who he was, she seized the opportunity.

Ask (Santa) for what you want, and you shall receive. The Target team was on board and over the next two months, Story and Target worked like crazy to get the store up and running. Shectman hand-picked about 30% of the items from Target, including a wool throw blanket, Nate Berkus dessert plate set and a cute coat with a faux fur collar.

Todd Waterbury, Target鈥檚 chief creative officer, is looking to learn a lot from this Story collab in the way they stage their stores and how they reinvent the customer experience, 鈥淲e think of it as a miniature, one-inch by one-inch store window. What would make you stop and go inside?鈥 Well, for starters鈥 everything.

PS! Brit + Co is in there too, can you see us?! That鈥檚 right, our Brit Kits (starting with this one!) will be in Story this year. Guess we鈥檙e in pretty good company, no?

Target鈥檚 sponsorship at Story runs through January 4, 2015, so if you find yourself in the area, do check it out and tweet us what goodies you pick up #OMT @britandco!