Before you outfit your entire home in Lilly Pulitzer prints, you may want to take a look at this other new Target collaboration. We’re still digesting all the pastels and floral prints that came with Lilly’s line, but now it looks like we may have a few more items to add to our basket. So, who is the newest brand to work with the retail giant? You can go ahead and hush those voices whispering the name of your favorite big time designer because this line is a little different.

The newest company to team up with the big bullseye is Of a Kind. No idea who that is? Let us introduce you. The New York-based, e-commerce shop offers handmade goods from up and coming designers. Here you’ll find a curated selection of both women and men’s fashion, home decor, jewelry and gifts. Unlike Etsy, the site doesn’t necessarily feature folks who want to dabble in selling handmade goods but rather on makers and designers who are totally focused on pursuing their craft. If you want to own a few things by the next ultra-popular brand, we suggest you shop here.

While the website offers a variety of goods, Target and Of a Kind are coming together for a home decor line. The collaboration will feature three of the website’s most popular, American-made brands. You’ll find wall art by Dealtry, animal bookends and wall hooks by Wolfum and coasters, soap dishes, flasks, toothbrushes and balsam pillows by Izola. In standard Target fashion, the mass market transformation to these maker goods is hardly noticeable. The items are colorful, interesting and offer up a hint of good ole’ USA charm.

The collection is currently available in 350 Target stores nationwide (they’ve even provided you with a handy map). However, there aren’t plans to stock it online so if you have your sights set on a special something you’d better drop whatever you’re doing and get yourself on over to the land of red and white before it’s on eBay for triple the price.

What’s your favorite piece from this new Target Collection? Share with us in the comments below.