Taurus-born babes, listen up! Your birth month has arrived amidst another spring, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a round of DIY zodiac wall art and other home projects. We know your earthy spirit isn’t one to shy from oversized furniture and natural furnishings, and, as a Venus-ruled zodiac, you have a soft spot for all things comfy and luxurious. So go ahead and get down with your bull sign by making one (or more!) of these 19 DIY decor ideas. They’ll definitely outshine that spring cleaning you just tackled.

vertical garden

1. DIY Vertical Garden: As an earth spirit, it’s no secret you love all things garden-related. If you don’t actually have an outdoor garden, bring your love for plants and flowers indoors with the DIY vertical garden. (via Brit + Co)


2. Color-Blocked Spice Jars: Do you share a love for food and cooking? That’s the typical Taurus for ya. Brighten up your favorite room in the house (the kitchen) with some DIY color-blocked spice jars. Using glass jars from your local dollar store, just decorate your spice containers using acrylic craft paint and non-toxic gold spray paint. (via A Kailo Chic Life)


3. DIY Color Block + Marble Boxes: Combine two of the coolest craft trends (color blocking and marbling) to create these one-of-a-kind wooden boxes. If your Taurus side is feelin’ it with those green and blue tones, choose similar colored nail polishes to achieve the look. Otherwise, experiment with an array of colors for a fun way to decorate everything from your jewelry box to your pencil container. (via Brit + Co)

faux agate rock

4. DIY Faux Amethyst Geode: Earth sign = Earthy elements. If you love everything to do with mineral, agate and geode accents, this DIY project is for you. Instead of picking up one of those store-bought geodes that cost a pretty penny, save up with this much more affordable DIY option. (via Craftberry Bush)


5. DIY Botanical Adventures: These gorgeous fern coasters can be made using clay, clear resin and of course some ferns. Keep it a uniform set like those pictured above, or mix it up with a variety of pressed flowers for a beautiful set of coasters any nature-lover will fall for. (via The Lovely Drawer)

skinny planter diy

6. Skinny Planter Stand DIY: Add some green space to your foyer with this DIY skinny planter stand. It’s high enough so it won’t get in the way of your shoes and just low enough for any pictures you want to decorate your walls with. (via A Beautiful Mess)


7. DIY Concrete Planter and Stand: Embrace your bull spirit with a sturdy home accent like this concrete planter and stand. Its resolute design embodies your strong personality while brightening up your home with some greenery. (via Francois et Moi)

diy floral mouse pad

8. DIY Floral Mouse Pad: Florals for spring are a no-brainer, especially when they look this cute. Give your desk boho-chic vibes with a DIY floral mouse pad. Get the look using fabric mod podge, a cork round and some fabric. (via The Crafted Life)


9. DIY Modern Pom Pom Pillow: Pom poms are the ultimate cozy accent. So you know you’ll be utilizing this tip everywhere in your house from your bedroom to your lounge. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

DIY Origami Lamp Shades

10. DIY Origami Lamp Shades: If your life motto is “the bigger the better,” this DIY project is right up your alley. Set aside some time this weekend to whip up these unique light fixtures made from drawing paper and bone folders. (via Brit + Co)

DIY stamped pom pom throw

11. DIY Aztec Stamped Pom Pom Throw: This unbelievably easy-to-make throw will make your sofa or armchair appear comfier and extra inviting. Leave your throw as-is once you finish stamping it, or stitch on some pom poms to up the cozy factor. (via The Pretty Life Girls)

DIY This Tripod Lamp

12. DIY Tripod Lamp: This tripod lamp may look oversized, but its slim design keeps it from being too bulky. Display alone or place with other furniture. Either way, your space is sure to look the chicest it’s ever been. (via Kristi Murphy)

13. DIY Upcycled Coat Rack: Give an old hanger new life with a made-over modern coat rack featuring triangle shapes that give off sweet nordic vibes. To make the triangle shapes, glue a piece of adhesive tape to a piece of wax paper, peel the triangles and glue onto the plank. Then just paint, wait to dry and peel the stickers off. (via One O)

DIY wall banner

14. Aztec-Inspired DIY Wall Banner: All it takes to add some visual interest to a plain seating area is a cool DIY woven wall hanging. This one’s textured material will appeal to your love of comfy aesthetics, while its stylish design will up your decor game big time. (via Pennies for a Fortune)


15. DIY Painted Cutting Board: There’s no way you’ll use this cutting board just to cut food. It’s so pretty you’ll want to serve your food on it too. Maybe *all* your food. What you’ll need to pull off this easy craft is some non-toxic acrylic paint and your imagination. (via By Wilma)


16. Felt Palm Leaf Pillow DIY: With summer just around the corner, palm-print everything is totally taking over Pinterest. Show off your love of greenery and comfort with a gorgeous palm leaf pillow you can make using wool felt, fabric glue and a cotton pillow. Pro tip: For a more refined look, sew around the edges of your palm leaves using a similar color thread. (via A Beautiful Mess)

West Elm-inspired deep picture ledges

17. DIY Deep Picture Ledge: These picture ledges, inspired by West Elm, are the perfect way to display a row of pictures or a large stand-alone frame. Pair with potted plants and other accents to dress up a boring wall. (via Place of My Taste)

Sunburst ceiling medallion DIY

18. Sunburst Mirror Medallion DIY: Swap out your old light fixture for this vintage glam one made of a sunburst mirror frame that any Taurus can appreciate. Its big and bold design will certainly draw eyes and transform the look of your entire space. (via A Beautiful Mess)


19. DIY Tringle Wall Planter: As a plant-lover, you need at least one plant in each room. Mix it up with a variety of display options: hanging planters, wall plants and potted plants. Here’s a wall planter idea that literally thinks outside the box and instead opts for a triangular frame. (via The Merrythought)

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