Taylor Swift has been staying pretty low-key since wrapping her massive 85-date 1989 tour, spending time at home over the holidays and with her boyfriend Calvin Harris in California. But what does the world’s biggest pop star do with her real downtime? You know those nights in with nothing to do when you idly scroll for what feels like miles through your Instagram feed and force your pets to take dumb pictures with you? Well, turns out stars are sorta just like us.

Taylor posted a selfie video with her and one of her amazingly weird cats (who are VERY well represented on TayTay’s Insta) with the caption, “So how do you spend your time now that the tour is over?” The cat, purring a mile a minute, seemed content to have her owner home. Taylor stared smirking at the camera, seemingly content to have nothing to do. We hear you, girl #hibernation.

Earlier in December, right after the tour wrapped, Taylor brought the entire 1989 tour crew — all 125 of them — to Hamilton Island in Australia for a vacation as a thank you for making sure the “stage gets built, the lights are on, the costumes are made, the guitars are tuned, and the show goes on.” No word on whether the cats were there, though.

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(Photo and video via @taylorswift + Jason Merritt/Getty)