Everyone knows you can’t be a prim and proper lady without partaking in tea time. But don’t think Sunday dresses, adorable tea infusers and cutie patootie cups. We’re okay with all of that, but *we’re* talking more about beaut-TEA, or simple skincare hacks using tea that work wonders outside the cup. Sound just as soothing as sipping? That’s because it is! So give these nine tea-based beauty tricks a try the next time a DIY beauty routine calls — they’ll set you up to look your Sunday best.

1. Whipped Coconut Green Tea Moisturizer: Looks delicious enough to eat! We seriously had to fight the urge to inhale this stuff. The perfect blend of coconut oil and green tea will have you looking just as delicious in no time. (via Hello Natural)

2. DIY Lemon and Green Tea Face Mask: No time for a facial? No need to panic, we’ve got your back. Lemon, green tea, turmeric. Go. (via Pretty Plain Janes)

3. Bathtub Tea: Warning: What if we told you that you could steep yourself in a bath full of chamomile and lavender? Did we just blow your mind? Seriously, same here. (via Rad Megan)

4. Soothing A Sunburn: Uh-oh, did you get a little too sun-kissed? If you’ve been caught red-handed making out with the sun, throw the kettle to the metal and douse yourself in cooled black tea. (via The Beauty Department, image via Makeup.com)

5. DIY Green Tea Body Spray: Ever love something so much you just want to throw it all over yourself? Here’s your big chance, green tea lovers! (via Hello Natural)

6. Under-eye Treatment: Late nights are awesome, until you wake up the next day to a set of bags that make you wish you went shopping. Cover those puppies up with some tea! (via Country Living)

7. Mint and Green Tea Body Scrub: Back in the day, only royalty was known for silky soft skin. Luckily we’ve taken matters into our own hands with some green tea and mint. Now where did we put our crown? (via Go Make Me)

8. Lavender Green Tea Foot Soak: Close your eyes and picture your feet sitting in a warm bath of lavender and green tea. Mmmmmm. Now open your eyes and make it happen! (via Thirsty For Tea)

9. Homemade Hydrating Face Mist For Dry Skin: It’s that time of year, folks. Before you let your skin get all snap, crackle and pop, whip up a concoction that will save face. Literally. (via The Chic Site)

What’s your favorite beau-TEA DIY? Share your tips below!