You’ve seen the numerous gorgeous images floating all over Pinterest showcasing the most elaborate lipstick styles EVER. I’m talking about ombre lips, two-toned lips, glitter-covered lips, shades showcasing the perfect pout and Instagram-candy, celeb-approved puckers galore. You may have even Pinned them onto your own inspiration board — but of course, you never actually try them, because A) figuring out how to recreate the look is an insane, headache-inducing challenge and B) In what world/public setting can one wear what most can only consider “lip art”?!?!

Well, we were wondering the same thing and decided to do something about it. Yours truly, Brit + Co’s Beauty Ambassador, spent an entire work week rocking the most Pinned dramatic lipstick “trends” from 9 to 5 and beyond. And even though I’m a pro beauty maven, I’m *not* actually a lipstick girl. And, yes, in some cases this caused mild anxiety attacks every time I passed my reflection…. or caught someone giving me the “huh?!” brow. But, you for you all — why not? :) From the surprisingly wearable to the OMG #neverleavingthehouseagain-able, here’s how it went:

Day 1: Kylie Jenner’s Over-lined Lips


To kick off this kissable experience, I started with what felt like the safest out of the bunch, a previously tested take on Kylie Jenner’s plumped up pout. (photo via @kyliejenner)


Whether Kylie has lip injections or not is a moot point as far as I see it — the girl is on to something style-wise and quickly catching up to the infamous Angelina and her signature plump pucker. To achieve this look, you have to be BFF with your lip liner, because you are going to take her places you’ve never been before.

Secret confession: there was something about my lips looking larger that made me feel a little more sassy, and it only took me an extra couple minutes to pull off in the AM. Walking around the streets of SF, strangers did not look at me weird at all, so that was my cue that at least I did not look too unnatural. The true test, however, was when I went to meet up with one of my best friends Christina Ruiz for a coffee and I had our resident style photographer Kurt Andre follow me to try to catch her candid reaction.


Her words literally: “What did you do to your lips?!?!” — but not in a bad way. Then we shared a laugh and I revealed my trick.

How Wearable Are Kylie’s Lips IRL? Very! I think for the right event, like gals’ night out or maybe even a date night, I would indulge in larger-than-life lips and suggest that you all do too.

Day 2: Outrageously Ombre Lips


Remember ombre? The trend that can’t seem to go away has probably caught your eye on Pinterest or Instagram on the lips of the gorgeous gals in a way-glammed-up editorial spread. I was determined to make this work, so I tried tons of different color combos because I really wanted to to take an otherwise overly dramatic, debatably Photoshopped look and make it ACTUALLY wearable. This final product was a little more frustrating to achieve. I noticed that most combos ended up making my lips appear as though my lipstick was just wearing off towards the center. Either that or I looked like I was back in the ’90s when gals did the whole “dark liner light lipstick” jam. You remember what I’m talking about. (photo via Fibre Magazine)


Here was the final product — not bad, huh? Heading into the office, I felt a little silly and braced myself for how the team would respond. Remember, these people actually look to me to provide beauty advice. FOR ALL OF YOU. I think you can tell from my tensed up shoulders that this was not my favorite look to rock out and about.


No one really said much to me, but I did notice a few stares held longer than normal. My theory is that everyone was being nice, like they thought I just needed to touch up my lipstick. One gal, after hearing me mention why my lips looked this way, told me it looked like I ate a powdered donut! Haha. That settled that for me. Guys, it is officially time to retire ombre. It was fun while it lasted!

How DIYable Are Ombre Lips IRL? THEY ARE NOT. Not only is this a time commitment in the beauty routine department, but some things are better left as Pinnable art. Simple as that. If you want to achieve the lowkey look (emphasis on the middle of the lips for a more pronounced pucker), go for one of these multi-dimensional lipstick hacks and save yourself the ombre-infused headache.

Day 3: Two-Toned Lips


Here’s another runway and social media selfie phenomenon that is oh-so pretty on that little screen of yours. Out of all the looks, I was actually looking forward to this one the most. To test it out, I wore pink lipstick on my top lip and red on the bottom, thinking that would be the most natural. (photo via Sephora)


I was hoping that this would be one that I could suggest for you gals to wear on your next date night out. Problem was, the lip colors blended together after a few minutes of wearing. I even wore the best of the best, ultra smudge-proof lip stain and it still slightly rubbed onto one another. Later that day I ran into another good girlfriend and the majority of the lip stain wore off but was still obvious enough that my girlfriend said, “Dude, you forgot to put lipstick on your upper lip!” Not cute.


And for the ultimate kissability test? Here I am with my mini. The lighting is natural in these images but you can see the the different colors more in the one on the top. I just couldn’t resist sharing the one where I am getting a huge kiss back! Hehe.

Are Two-Toned Lips Cute IRL? For another photo opp of planting kiss marks on my baby? ABSOLUTELY! In real life, unfortunately I have to say no. It is not easy to upkeep unless you keep your mouth still ALL day (not gonna happen).

Day 4: Glitter Lips!


The exclamation is definitely intentional in this title! At first I was in awe of the sparkling images I spotted ALL over Pinterest, and I thought “how fun.” That morning at 8:00 am while I was applying hot pink lipstick and covering my lips with neon pink glitter I was not thinking “how fun,” but more like… “how am I ever going to go from Oakland to work and back like this? Okay, fine. I began to panic a little. (photo via Eyeshadow Lipstick)


I was so concerned that everyone would think I looked crazy, but to my surprise people LOVED the glitter lips out in the wild. I got the most compliments on my lipstick this day, which actually made me feel awesome. Suddenly, I was loving them too (funny how that works, ehh?). I even took them for a spin on public transportation — on Wednesdays we ride Muni and wear hot pink glitter lipstick at Brit + Co from now on.


Are Glitter Lips Wearable During the Day? Shockingly — yes. OKAY, maybe if you work in a creative environment (lucky me, huh?). But either way you can pull this off for a night out or a brunch with the girls as long as you remember the ultimate beauty hack: confidence. After the confidence boosters all day long, I am sold on this beauty upgrade. True story: after the sticky part of the lipgloss wore off, the glitter pigment was still on my lips, which looked so cool and way more fashion forward than the slicked up version. The feel of the glitter was not even noticeable to me once I put lipgloss on.

Day 5: Lavender Pastel Lips


Alright, usually it’s “save the best for last,” but in this case it was more like, “save the absolute WORST for last.” This image from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul Spring/Summer 2015 runway showcases this major 2015 trend in full force. Step into any MAC or Sephora and you’ll see a whole supply of pastel shades normally saved for nails and maybe eyes now making their way into the lipstick section. I figured with the right outfit this would look really pretty. Ughhhh. Definitely. Not. I changed my clothes easily five times the morning I tried this out and nothing felt right. (photo via S. Alemdar/Getty)


I was so uncomfortable all day at my desk — where I just so happen to sit in one of the most trafficked locations in our office (right next to the kitchen). No joke, ALL of my coworkers had something to say. “What the heck?!” (insert shocked face) “Oohhh, your LIPS!” (insert weird face) and the ever-popular: “Why?!” Here I am with Sarah, our commerce operations go-to gal right after she walked by and had a laugh at my lipstick! Couldn’t resist the shame selfie, could you, Sar?!

Are Lavender Pastel Lips Wearable Off the Runway? Nope!! I felt the opposite of beautiful in this look, so much so (admittedly) that all of my previous day’s self esteem–boosting compliments just dwindled away. Thank the beauty gods for good makeup remover and all-natural lip balm.

The Conclusion

What a week, and what a fun way to experiment with makeup trends you might be too afraid to try outside of your inspo boards. As a makeup artist, I was reminded that not everything translates in person as it may online, and in our minds and that some things are better left to be photographed for fun. Or Halloween. But as a woman? I learned that some things I *thought* would be weird ended up being a total hit. I guess we’re our own toughest critics most days — aren’t we, gals? As an artist, this was a good reminder that I should step outside of my comfort zone every so often and play with new techniques.

As a woman reading this, I hope you are also encouraged to take that crazy piece of Pinspiration and find a way to make it wearable for YOU, even with what’s already in your beauty bag. We can all get really comfortable in our own routine and often play it safe when it comes to getting ready for work or play. My parting thoughts: TRY NEW THINGS. You never know what will come of it. We don’t have to make everything we see super literal; instead, go ahead and make it your own! You could end up with some Instagram-able outtakes like this from the week…


Here I am using my “Kylie Jenner” luscious lips to teach my niece how to do the ultimate fish kiss!


Christina was sold by the end of our coffee meet up! She said “Do me Do me!!”


Here’s our Editorial Director Lisa laughing and loving my ombre lips!


Yup… just me riding the bus with super glittered up lips. Totally normal. (Hey, in San Francisco it kind of is.)


The most awkward of all awkward moments = sitting at my desk and EVERYONE laughing at me lilac lips (including ME).

What other fun style or beauty experiments would you like to see us try out? Will you DIY any of these lip trends? Share in the comments below!!