Let鈥檚 face it: January is usually a time of me, me, me as we focus on keeping our New Year鈥檚 resolutions. But in reality, January is National Thank You Month 鈥 a chance to thank others in your life for being a rad friend, sister, teacher or even host. With a few weeks left, there鈥檚 still time to spread the thanks. Here are 20 gifts that鈥檒l help you stretch those thanking muscles.


Wax Scarf

1. Wax-Resist Technique Scarf: Make a loved one a stylish scarf using wax sticks and your choice of cloth dye. Draw them a picture or write why they rock 鈥 it鈥檚 all up to you. (via A Beautiful Mess)


2. Knit a Blanket: Want to give someone a warm and fuzzy feeling? A warm and fuzzy blanket should do the trick quite nicely. Oh, and you can knit this blanket in 45 minutes by using your arms as the knitting needles. Yep, your arms. Nothing like working for your thank you gift. Hello, toned arms. (via Simply Maggie)


3. Cookie Thanks: Encourage your whole family to remember what they鈥檙e thankful for. All you need are some yummy sugar cookies and food coloring pens to spread the message of thanks. (via Bake at 350)


4. Quick Bread in a Bottle: Whether you鈥檙e making this for your kiddo鈥檚 classroom teacher or your awesome coworker, they鈥檒l be thrilled to receive everything they need to make chocolate-chip oatmeal bread, all housed in an adorable mason jar. (via Sunset)


5. Pretzels with a Twist: A pretzel dipped in brown sugar rosemary Dijon will have them saying, 鈥淔heink vu.鈥 (That translates to 鈥渢hank you鈥 when your mouth is full of this deliciousness). (via Country Living)


6. Scrabble Tile Coasters: Spell out why you鈥檙e thankful with these Scrabble coasters. Create a short and sweet thank-you message for your word-nerd friends. (via Curbly)

Olive Oil

7. Infused Olive Oil: We love a good homemade thank-you gift. Especially when it tastes like heaven in a stylish bottle. We have four recipes to get you started. (via Brit + Co)


8. Bath Salts: Give them a spa day sans the expense. Making a variety of salts to suit their style will leave them soaking up your thanks in the most relaxing way possible. (via Om Nom Ally)


9. Cookie Butter: Here鈥檚 the sweetest thank-you around. This creamy, yet crunchy delight will light up their day and fill up their stomach. (via A Beautiful Mess)


10. Lip Balm: Everyone needs a quality lip balm during these dry winter months. Your friends will be extra thankful for this thoughtful gift. (via Brit + Co)



11. Soy Glad We鈥檙e Friends: ($18): Let your BFF know just how thankful you are to have her in your life with this sweet-scented soy candle.

Great Guest

12. The Great Guest ($100): Score major guest points with your hostess by gifting her the ultimate thank-you gift. This gift basket is brimming with gratitude goodies that you both can enjoy.


13. Hand Them an Emergency Compliment ($10): A compliment can make anyone鈥檚 day. Here are 60 that you can be guaranteed they have never heard before. Just tear it out from the book and pass it on.


14. Write a Note ($17): Say thanks the ol鈥 fashioned, write way: with a thoughtful thank-you card. Embarrassed by your penmanship? Take an online class and you鈥檒l be hand lettering like a pro.


15. Custom Vintage Cocktail Spoon ($15): Get them a spoon with their drink of choice stamped on it and maybe they鈥檒l give you a tasty drink in return.


16. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy ($50): Remember those ah-maz-ing homemade bath salts we mentioned earlier? Well, they pretty much need this handy caddy that takes bathing to the next level. Gift this to your BFF who works too hard, so she can relax and enjoy her wine. (We鈥檒l take two, please!).


17. Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag聽($44): You got this thank you in the bag. Chic, stylish and pretty personal, these makeup bags will make any beauty lover feel the love.


18. David鈥檚聽Tea Starter聽Kit ($30): Relax and let loose with this gift featuring the perfecting starting point into the world of loose tea. Complete with all the tea you need, the Perfect Spoon (no really, that鈥檚 the name) and drawstring filters, this gift will make a tea addict out of anyone.


19. Friendship Beaded Bracelet ($25): Giving your friend a matching bracelet is like the football star giving away his letterman jacket. It鈥檚 not only the ultimate compliment, it鈥檚 a sweet way to say thank you too.


20. You Are the Gin to My Tonic Print ($25): Now all their guests will know how truly amazing they are, thanks to this thank-you wall art.

How will you be saying thanks? Tell us in the comments below.