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62 of the Best Halloween Dog Costumes

Dogs deserve the best — they’re extensions of our family, are endlessly entertaining and are so loyal. They also deserve the best when it comes to Halloween costume ideas. There are so many different dog breeds, and each one offers unique costume potential. Think: a Great Dane would make a hysterical Scooby Doo; a Frenchie dressed as French-ie Fries would result in guaranteed LOLs. Get creative this year with your pet Halloween costume! Here are some of our fave Halloween dog costumes.

1. Gnome Dog: We’ve gotta hand it to this new breed of dog costume that uses two-legged optical illusions. They make it look so real. ‘Cause gnomes are real. (via Amanda Zumwalt)


2. Skrillex Dog: Please do this, take a million photos and then tag us in them with #britstagram because we NEED to see all the Skrillex pups. (via Johnny Cheeseburger)


3. Frog Dog: Dogs dressed as other cute animals is epically adorable. (via @scruffyhoundphotography)


4. Pin Cushion Dog: How creative is this?! Complete with a thimble! (via BarkPost)


5. Cinco De Mayo Dog: This pooch is ready to par-tay. (via Sew Doggy Style)

Minion Dog Costume

6. Minion: There are so many great weenie dog costumes to choose from, but we think kids will adore (and possibly covet) these stuffed animals that have been hacked into wearable pieces. (via Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund)


7. Martini Dog: Look, it’s been a long day wearing this Cone of Shame around. He needs a drink. (via Brit + Co)

Katy Perry Dark Horse Dog Costume

8. Katy Perry’s Dark Horse Dog: If you’re still at loss for ideas, you can always look to music videos for pop culture inspo. Just look what we did with Katy Perry’s style last year! (via Brit + Co)


9. Hula Girl Dog ($13): All dogs should have the chance to wear a coconut bra. (via Target)


10. Up Pup: We had to kick off this list with the winner of last year’s dog costume contest (seriously, you gotta see the stiff com-pup-tition). (via Brit + Co)

Flower Child Dog Costume

11. Flower Child Dog: Don’t forget to fashion a flower crown for your peace-loving pup to go with your own hippie costume. (via Sophie Gamand Photography)


12. Where’s Waldo Dog ($23): Those glasses are incredible. Simple as that. (via Target)


13. iPhone Dog: Because your dog loves tech as much as you do. (via GiveItLove)

Doctor Dog Costume

14. Doctor Dog: Who cares about Dr. McDreamy’s exit now? This adorable pug has already stolen our hearts. (via Brit + Co)


15. Lederhosen Dog: Can we talk about the hat on this one?! Amazing. (via Bee’s Corner)


16. Baked Potato Dog: SO funny — the pic on the oven door really makes it! (via Pugstumes)


17. French Fry Dog: Please tell us you have a Frenchie so it can be Frenchie Fries. Pretty please? With ketchup on top? (via Cosmopolitan)


18. Scooby Doo Dog: This has to be one of the easiest costumes for your pooch. Apply Scooby’s signature spots to your dog and throw a blue collar on him/her. The rest is up to you, so get ready to rock a green shirt and reddish pants just like Shaggy ;) (via College Humor)


19. Poodle Skirt Dog: Hopefully you have a poodle!!! But any canine would work ;) (via Dogs Fun Times Guide)


20. Hershey’s Kiss Dog: What’s sweeter than your fave dog dressed as your fave sweet treat? NOTHING. (via GiveItLove)


21. Lobster Dog: Ummm, this is amazing and hysterical — BUT — make sure you know best practices when it comes to animal-safe dye. (via GiveItLove)


22. Boxing Dog: Huge bonus if you make this costume for your Boxer! Ironic *and* funny. (via Pugstumes)

23. Rosie the Riveter Dog ($24): That bow! Also, the cuffed sleeves are *so* on point. (via Etsy)

Harry Potter Dog Costume

24. Harry Potter Dog: Our favorite magician in puppy form? Yes, please! Let’s just hope your dog doesn’t come across any cave trolls on Halloween. (via Thyme Is Honey)

Big Bad Wolf Dog Costume

25. The Big Bad Wolf Dog: Why Grandma, what big cotton balls you have! (via Valley + Co. Lifestyle)


26. Firefighter Dog: To the rescue! Wagon + cute kid take this one to the next level. (via DIY Network)


27. Strawberry Dog: This is a totally doable DIY. Have fun with it! (via Professor Pincushion)


28. Sushi Dog: You can make the pieces of sushi with pillows. (via EatSleepMAKE)


29. 2001 Bjork Swan Dress Dog: Remember this infamous getup Bjork wore back in the day?! Even though your dog probably doesn’t, you should def dress him/her up as this. Prepare to have to provide a bit of explanation, though, because this one is *not* your average dog costume. (via BuzzFeed)


30. Beauty and the Beast Dog: Required: insanely cute child to accompany insanely cute dog. (via Costume Works)


31. Chia Pet: This looks *almost* like the real thing. (via BuzzFeed)

32. Star Wars Dog: We’ve seen a lot of dog Star Wars costumes in our day, including a Death Star made from a protective neck cone… but this one is even funnier than that. (via Dressed Up Dog)


33. Astronaut Pug: Grab a sparkly silver dog sweater and DIY the rest with space-themed patches. Your little astronaut, awww! (via Pugstumes)


34. Pony Dog: This actually looks like a legit horse. Who knew?! (via BuzzFeed)


35. Teddy Bear Dog: If only these were real animals. Sigh… (via Make)

36. Unicorn Dog: This Japanese dog mom crocheted a unicorn mask for her pooch… and now we need one for every dog in America. (via Makezine)


37. Pirate Dog: Dogs look amazing in pirate hats, FYI. (via BuzzFeed)


38. Fast Food Dog: Choose a fast food chain and then choose your favorite menu item ;) (via @pucciandcatana)


39. Hipster Dog: Your dog already probably has a winter jacket (right?!) so just add a hipster-approved hat and other accessories to top it off. (via BuzzFeed)


40. Hermione Dog: Calling all Harry Potter fans: We bet you’ve never seen a dog as Hermione before. (via BuzzFeed)


41. Fairy Princess Dog: This is the prettiest dog princess we’ve ever seen/the only dog princess we’ve ever seen. (via Popsugar)


42. Peacock Dog ($20): Those feathers are so pretty. (via Amazon)


43. Donut Dog: How *sweet* is this costume?! (via Brit + Co)


44. Sailor Dog: That nautical hat is the cherry on top. (via @perry_the_bostonterrier)


45. Stuffed Animal Dog: Because you know you have a pile of stuffed animals lying around somewhere. (@bonjourbrie)


46. Rainbow Unicorn Dog: As magical as dog costumes get. (via @healthyspot)


47. Pope Dog: One of the funniest dog costumes we’ve EVER seen. (via @scrappyscloset)


48. Raptor Dog: Rawwwwwwr instead of wooooof. (via @skitzomanila)


49. Little Bo Peep Dog: That gold wig? With ringlets? On a dog? Amazing. (via HGTV)


50. Dolled-Up Dog: Rollers in. Shades on. (via Popsugar)


51. Hillary Clinton Dog: Dog-style pantsuit required. (via @tootie227)


52. M&M Dog: Your favorite M&M just became a dog. Or vice versa. (via HGTV)


53. Milk Carton Dog: So weird and so cute. (via Popsugar)

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.29.26 PM

54. Banana Split Dog: The banana head is precious. (via @kristigreenhall)


55. Pineapple Dog: So simple + adorbs. (via Brit + Co)


56. Old Man Dog: We call this office-appropriate-meets-canine. (via HGTV)


57. Latte Dog: Coffee is your friend. Just like your dog is. (via Brit + Co)


58. Tortoise Dog ($34): A fast-moving dog in a tortoise costume is just plain funny. (via Amazon)


59. Cheese Plate Dog: This work especially well if your dog’s name is Brie. (via Brit + Co)


60. Sunflower Dog: The dog’s head makes the perfect center of the flower. (via @drummerthelab)


61. Tin Man Dog ($14): Tin Man costume + sunflower dog costume = Wizard of Oz. (via Amazon)


62. Caterpillar Dog: Extra cute points if this is on a teeny tiny dog like a chihuahua. (via @nielsendonato)

What is your favorite dog costume from the bunch? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

Additional reporting by Molly Griffin

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