March is almost over, which means the world (read: the Internet) is spending the better part of this weekend planning out silly, creative and awkward April Fools’ jokes to entertain all of you next week. But you know what brings you silly, creative and awkward entertainment every single week? This list, yo! :)

1. LEGO Simpsons Minifigs: The Simpsons minifigs ARE HERE. In January we told you all about the magical LEGO Simpsons house, and the minifigs are so good! Who even needs the house?

2. Optical Illusion Mugs: Is it a full mug, or a mug with a design on the bottom? The latte, er, the latter.

3. Goopify Your Relationship Status: Being meditatively intertwined sounds… as questionable as #consciousuncoupling.

4. Wave Hook: Is that a soap dish? A place for your phone in the shower? Nope. Not at all. It’s a shower hook designed to do one thing and one thing only: hold your wine glass.

5. Banana Holder ($55): Um. Yeah. This exists.

6. Love Ever After: This series by Lauren Fleishman is meant to be a photographic series of love letters, specifically featuring couples who’ve been married for more than 50 years. So beautiful.

7. Smiley Screw: Love this friendly redesign of the average screw. You certainly couldn’t call him a screw-ge. Okay, we’re done here.

8. Opening Ceremony & Magritte: Wearable art? YES. We’re kind of obsessed with this latest collection by Opening Ceremony celebrating this iconic surrealist painter.

9. How to Moonwalk: Live it. Learn it. Moonwalk it.

10. LEGO Utensil Holder: Is it us or is LEGO having more than a serious moment as of late? Or maybe, they just always are?

11. Chineasy: Developed by Internet entrepreneur ShaoLan Hsueh, Chineasy is a new system that aims to make it easy and fun to learn Chinese.

12. Bacon Flavor Ritz: Oh, you’re sick of bacon products? We didn’t think so.

13. Taco Bell Bedding: Taco Bell’s breakfast menu is here to stay, and so is the bedding. Gross.

14. Shelterwood Field Notes: As if Field Notes weren’t Kinfolk-y enough, now they’re available in shelterwood. And we’re in love.

15. WALL-E Kitten Remake: And finally, kittens reenacting WALL-E. Rawr!

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this weeK? Talk to us in the comments below.