How are you getting ready for the long weekend? We are already in vacation mode and dreaming of zucchini muffins, beautiful braids, and pops of color all over our homes. As we usher in a brand new month, we’re happy to kick things off with a bit of randomness by way of the BritList.

1. Photoshop Mirror: Can’t help but see the world through the eyes of Photoshop? Us too. Bring that framework home with this geeky and cheeky Photoshop-inspired mirror.

2. Cocoon Colorful Bubble: While we’re not rushing to live in a bubble, this colorful cocoon seems like it would be right at home at Brit HQ. It would make an awesome phone booth!

3. Muffin Top Cupcake Molds: But why? Seriously. Why?

4. DIY Watch Kit: This cool kit from Adafruit lets you create your very own 8×8 bit matrix display watch. There are 64 LEDs that can tell you the time in words, numbers, and moon phases. We definitely want to give this a try!

5. Stickr Frames Wall Decals: Love the look of our frames without frames DIY project but too lazy to do it yourself? These wall decal frames are a great alternative, and would actually look great mixed in with some homemade varieties.

6. 8-Bit Throws: How awesome is this crocheted 8-bit scene? Princess does love Mario.

7. Deglon Knife Set: If you’ve got a teeny tiny kitchen, you’ll love this set of 4 knives in one.

8. Banana Art: This artwork is… bananas! Sorry, we had to.

9. Floral Type Prints: We love this combination of floral illustration and hand-lettering by artist Sarah Abbott. And the sentiment is a pretty good one too ;)

10. Drinkmaster Hoodie: Behold the… Drinkmaster! It’s got an inside pocket for a flask, and outside cozy pocket for a can of beer, and keeps things just the right temp. Win.

11. Dudepins: Pinterest too girly for you? Then you need this manly site filled with manly things for manly men, obviously.

12. Nailed It!: Are you ready for the next Project Runway knock-off? This fall, there’ll be one all about nail art. (Get ready for it with these geometric manis.)

What’s the kookiest thing you’ve seen online this week? Share links with us in the form below.