It’s 8AM on a Friday, and the Brit + Co team is out and about pursuing a love of all things creative. We know what you’re thinking. Don’t you guys do that every single day? Well, yes. But, most of our day-to-day creative tasks are in the name of inspiring YOUR creativity. Dubbed B+C Creativity Day, each of us has the option to take today to head off on our own creative adventure. At the end of the day, we’ll all come together to share what we made, what we learned and what inevitable #DIYfails we endured. Sound like a pretty awesome job perk? It is. And you should work here. We are hiring like mad — check out all our open positions right here! And follow our creativity day adventures by checking out the hashtag #iamcreative on Instagram. Now, onto the BritList.

1. Workspace Swoon: How awesome is this workspace? We particularly love the geometric wallpaper — it almost looks like a paper quilt. Admittedly, it’s a workspace for kids (!!!) but we would happily work there. (h/t Poppytalk)

2. DIY House Cookies: Who says Christmas is the only time of year for cookie decorating? This snap is from a “House Party” themed birthday party for kids. Attendees designed cardboard houses and these whimsical house cookies. So sweet.

3. Middle Finger Key ($10): Also known as the best vanity key we’ve ever seen.

4. Paint-Dipped Alphabet Magnets: Created by DIY blogger Sarah Hearts, this take on alphabet magnets turns them into something kids and grown-ups alike would be psyched to have on any fridge.

5. Grocery Compromises Tote ($20): The fruit + whiskey compromise is definitely our fave. Rosé, anyone? ;) (h/t Cup of Jo)

6. You Can Do It: Badass illustrator Jordan Sondler is one of our newest virtual BFFs — we dig her love of patterns, quirky drawing styles and nostalgia. And wouldn’t you know it? This inspiring piece boasts all three!

7. I Am Very Busy Pouch ($12): Srsly tho.

8. Mister Alphabet: This Parisian-looking figurine is made in Los Angeles and named Mister Alphabet. He’s designed to bend into every letter of the alphabet and was created with the intention of bringing the alphabet to life through innovative playtime, figuration and letter formation. Super cool.

9. Tortilla + Bread Basket ($25): Is it possible to swoon over a bread basket? YASSSS.

10. Miss Piggy Sings Rihanna’s BBHMM: This is the best thing we’ve seen this week. Watch it. And don’t be embarrassed if you watch it again, and again… and again. Well done, Vulture. (h/t Perez Hilton for the ‘shopped photo below)

Happy weekend!