Happy Friday! It’s an especially good one here at Brit HQ. We’re all out and about for our quarterly Creativity Day — a day dedicated to learning, making and getting inspired outside of the office. Be sure to follow the hashtag #iamcreative on Instagram to see what we’re up to. Now, onto the BritList.

1. Picattoo: Color us obsessed — Picattoo lets you turn your Instagram photos into temporary tattoos. And, it’s just $15 for a set of 12 different tattoos. Hellooooo bachelorette party season, spring break and all things party.

2. Cumberb*tch Leggings ($80): Whether or not you’re a fan of the naughty nickname, Sherlock lovers the world over are going to go bananas over these leggings.

3. Head Shots of Hand Models: Remember that video that went around featuring the world’s highest paid hand model? In an effort to further reveal the people behind the most famous hands in the biz, creative team Oli and Alex have created a campaign to share the head shots of hand models along with quotes from the models about the biz.

4. Red Velvet + Cream Cheese Oreos for Valentine’s Day: Oreo innovation is happening this Valentine’s Day. And we will probably have to turn a box of these into the ultimate Red Velvet Oreo (Cream) Cheesecake.

5. The Many, Many Looks of David Bowie: To celebrate Bowie’s 68th birthday a couple weeks ago, artist Helen Green (aka Dolly Chops) created this gorgeously illustrated animated GIF of his many looks. Oh Ziggy, we do love you.

6. Year of Holidays Carve-A-Stamp Kit ($30): Love making handmade cards, gift tags and decor all year round? Get your hands on this stamp kit that provides the inspiration and tools to create a different stamp for every single holiday.

7. Learn Something New Every Day with Wikipedia’s RANDOMPAGE: Bookmark this NOW It’s a hack that serves up a random Wikipedia page whenever you visit, promoting the idea of learning something new every day. Or every 30 seconds if you’re a quick reader who loves the refresh button ;)

8. Nessie Ladle ($16): And just like that, your kids are WAY more into that carrot parsnip soup you’ve been pushing their way for weeks.

9. Hey Girl Card ($18): Just. This.

10. Let Me Take a Nap Tee ($39): Forget letting me take a selfie, it’s time to take a nap. Kthxbai.