If you’re reading this from a plane, train or automobile, we hope you’re off to have an awesome holiday weekend. Before you completely unplug, we’ve got a dozen odds and ends that will certainly make you smile.

1. Pizza Slice Float ($55): What’s the natural complement to a donut float? A pizza one, duh.

2. The Pizza Bikini ($64): And what goes better with a pizza float than a pizza bikini?

3. Purassic World: If Jurassic Park was overrun by kittens instead of dinos, the newest installment of Jurassic awesomeness would be way cuter. And WAY more absurd.

4. Dusen Dusen for Visual Magnetics: As part of NYCxDesign, Dusen Dusen teamed up with Visual Magnetics to create a large-scale, interactive wall art piece. Each piece of the design is magnetic and can be moved around every which way.

5. Hipstory: Artist Amit Shimoni has an entire series re-imagining historical icons as hipsters, and we have to say that hipster Hillary Clinton is crushing the dipped-locks trend.

6. All Over Print Shirts on Society6 ($34): Prints all over your tee? Yes please.

7. #FBF to Sushi Cupcakes: Back in the day, we made cupcakes that look like sushi. How silly is that?

8. Feathr: Also known as the best-looking wallpaper ever.

9. Period Panties ($19.50): This cheeky pair of panties by the folks at Clashist is one that all ladies will get a kick out of. We’ve all got ’em, so why not wear a pair covered with brightly colored tampons?

10. #whatmyhandsdoing on Instagram: How awesome is this series? Created by @ponypork (aka Romo Jack), each shot depicts hands doing something completely different. And those linear tats are gorgeous.

11. Woof Washer 360: Just. THIS. Is it weird that we kind of want a human-sized one?

12. IRL Sonic the Hedgehog: And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. An actual hedgehog entering the world of Sonic.

Happy day-before-your-birthday, ‘merica!