Valentine’s Day is all about romance, friendship and filling your heart with love. With more and more people willing to celebrate the faux-holiday with things like Galentine’s Day parties, romantic dinners for two and weekend getaways, you’d think that those of us who just so happen to be broken-hearted might be left to suffer. Not so: At least not if New York’s Bronx Zoo has anything to do with it. For the second year in a row, they’re offering their own antidote to the Valentine’s Day Blues.

For as little as a $10 donation, the Bronx Zoo is hosting its “Name a Cockroach” fundraiser, which allows you to name a creepy crawly in honor of anyone you so choose this V-Day — maybe even your ex! But it’s not just enough to give someone you love (or loathe) a roach certificate — the zoo is also offering gifts to go along with the naming rights, including chocolates and, natch, a giant plush roach.

Crowds enjoy the Zoo Center in Astor Court

This hilarious approach to fundraising is actually pretty clever, considering that roaches will quite probably outlast every other living being on Earth, so while you might think that naming a cockroach after your S.O. is gross, this gesture will definitely outlive those flowers you were going to buy, areweright?

And while we personally don’t want a cockroach plush in our apartments, it doesn’t mean that you might not: Should you spring for the $50 option, your loved one will receive a plush, a box of chocolates and a printed certificate with their cockroach’s new name on it.

Hey, who says you can’t be cynical and romantic? With the rate that cockroaches reproduce, we’re sure there’s more than enough to choose from for everyone out there willing to gift this somewhat out-there find.

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(h/t Refinery29, photo via Betsie Van der Meer/Getty)