The New “Bridget Jones’s Baby” Trailer Is Cringe-Worthy and Amazing
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The New “Bridget Jones’s Baby” Trailer Is Cringe-Worthy and Amazing

“I can’t keep going back and making the same mistakes… when I can make new ones.” And thus, we’re brought back into the world of the diary (this time updated to an iPad) with Bridget Jones’s Baby. In the latest trailer, the lady who stumbles hilariously (totally relatable) through love and relationships has a whole new bundle to deal with. But, um, who’s the daddy?

After a fling with her ex, with Colin Firth reprising his Mr. Darcy role, and a night with Mr. Perfect, played by Patrick Dempsey, Bridget finds out she’s expecting, but has no idea who the baby-daddy is. Making for some obviously awkward-for-them and awesome-for-us situations mixed in with some true romance, it looks like it’s going to be another juicy chapter for Bridget Jones’s diary.

With Emma Thompson stepping into the part of Bridget’s obliging doc and the fellas fighting over Bridget while trying to get along, it’s clear that this is going to be as cringe-worthy as it is amazing.

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