Still carrying around photos of your niece and nephew in your wallet? Why not carry around those favorite photos of yours on your wallet?! With this cutely customizable new Kickstarter project, you totally can.

Meet ThinFolio, a durable bi-fold wallet, custom printed with any image you like, and made right here in the USA.

It’s a simple concept designed simply to make you smile. Each wallet has room for up to six different photos, all selected by you. These would make great gifts for friends and family for milestone birthdays, weddings, or the holidays. They’d be particularly great for friends who are tough to shop for ;)

The design is that of a standard bi-fold wallet, with room for more than six cards, two hidden pockets at the center, and a bill area with divider for cash and receipts.

For $35, you can be first on the list to get your very own custom printed and hand-sewn wallet in February 2014. Looking for something for the holidays? Upgrade to a pledge of $50 and get a wallet in time for Christmas. Helloooo stocking stuffers! :)

What do you think of the ThinFolio? A great new way to turn photos into objects? Will you order one (or two or ten) for the holidays? Talk to us in the comments below.