5 Unexpected Things That May Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant
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5 Unexpected Things That May Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Making a baby is on your mind 24/7. You’re doing everything your doctor told you to do, like taking your basal body temperature first thing in the morning and checking your cervical mucus, to predict when you’ll ovulate. Some mamas swear by fertility boosters to up their chances of getting pregnant. No, we’re not talking about hormones, injections, or miracle meds. These baby-making boosters don’t have years of scientific research proving that they can improve your fertility and help you get pregnant. But it’s still fun to think that there’s even a slim chance that they might work for you.

1. Fertility Smoothies: Some celeb moms claim that these mega mixtures boost fertility and make it easier to conceive. The thinking here is that you can mix together a cocktail (that is, a completely non-alcoholic cocktail) of ingredients that work together to make your pH levels more alkaline (supposedly helping sperm live in your inner environment), balance your hormones, put you in more of a romantic mood, promote healthy cell growth, and even put your cycle back on track. So, do they work? There’s no proof either way. It’s super important to talk to your doc and ask if these ingredients are okay for you and your baby.

2. Gravity: After the act is done, you lie down, get those legs up in the air and let gravity work its magic. Maybe the post-deed nap relaxes you, maybe it lets your guy’s sperm work its magic, or maybe it does absolutely nothing at all. There’s no real proof that this method will help get you pregnant. If it did, the opposite would be true, right? And we all know that jumping up and down after sex is not an actual form of birth control.

3. Cough Syrup: Break out the guaifenesin, ladies! Apparently, it will help you get preggo. It’s the stuff that thins the mucus that drips its way down your throat when you’ve got a cold. The theory is that it also thins your cervical mucus, making it easier to get pregnant. Some women absolutely agree with this. Talk to your doc before you start chugging grape-flavored cough meds.

4. Acupuncture: This ancient practice might have an effect on some of the causes of infertility. As long as a qualified pro is doing the poking, this might up your chances of conceiving. Some studies do show a connection between acupuncture and increased fertility. Research published in the journal Fertility and Sterility found that more women who underwent assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments and acupuncture got pregnant than those who didn’t receive acupuncture services.

5. Green Tea: Some people think that the antioxidant properties of green tea can improve the way your reproductive organs work. It may help you get pregnant… or not. The verdict’s still out on this one. Either way, drinking a cup of it is probably healthier (and definitely less expensive) than your daily grande full-fat, whipped cappuccino.

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