You vowed that you’d never become your mother. The nagging, the demands, and the seemingly crazy requests made you roll your eyes, slam your door, and shiver with pure annoyance through your own childhood. When you were pregnant, you were absolutely, positively sure that you wouldn’t utter any of those mommy-isms. But… well… then it happened anyway. Don’t worry: You aren’t losing yourself, and you aren’t actually turning into your mother. It’s more that all moms have sort of the same reaction to those kiddo conundrums as we’re trying to win toddler battles and tame angsty teens. Read on for our favorite examples of never-say-never when it comes to parenting.

1. “Because I said so.” This is the biggie when it comes to “things our mothers said.” You have not-so-fond memories of asking your mother, “Why can’t I have ice cream for dinner?” and her responding, “Because I said so.” It’s the conversation-ender that we mamas just have to whip out once in a while. There’s no debating it, and pretty much nothing trumps it.

2. “Ask your father.” Passing the buck much? You just can’t stomach another question from the kids. They’re begging, they’re pleading, and they’re going on and on and on and on. Not only are the questions grating on your very last nerve, but you’re fairly certain you’re about to break down and just give in. Instead of losing your tough mom cred, you’ll just send them over to dad (or another co-parent) and let your partner do the dirty work.

3. “You weren’t born in a barn.” Your kiddo ran out to play, and the gentle breeze rushing in is the telltale sign that they left the front door open — again. We’re not completely sure what rural life has to do with the occasional door left unlatched. Perhaps cows, pigs, horses, and chickens regularly leave their doors open. Or maybe it’s just a favorite of moms who are trying to get the “you need to have better manners and pay more attention” message out there.

4. “Are your hands broken?” It’s the zillionth time that your preschooler has left their blocks and trains scattered all over the family room floor. You’ve asked them time and time again to pick up their playthings. But they’re gleefully perched on the couch, snuggling with your iPad, and your line of questioning begins. Before you know it, you’re asking them if their hands are broken. After all, what other reason could they possibly have for not picking their things up?

5. “Don’t make me come in there.” You’re keeping your cool and in total control. That is, until you hear an inexplicably loud crash, or worse yet a suspicious silence. Whether there’s a ruckus in another room or you’re completely sure that your kiddo isn’t doing what they’re supposed to do, you’re starting to boil over. And there it is — you’re suddenly all about, “Don’t make me come in there!”

6. “I was never bored when I was your age.” Yes you were. You were totally bored when you were their age. Plenty of the time. You were so bored that you bugged your own mom until she squeezed “I was never bored when I was your age” out from her tightly pursed lips. But somehow you’ve glorified your childhood and decided that every moment of every day was filed with wonder, exploration, and an e-free lifestyle. In reality, you were bored — at least some of the time.

7. “I just want what’s best for you.” This sentence evoked major groans and eye rolls in your own adolescence. Ugh. What’s best for me? But yes, your mom really did want what was best for you. And now you want what’s best for your child too!

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