Though never meant to replace treatment or care by a licensed professional, weed is quickly becoming a method women are using to calm down and relax. The latest delicious way to soothe anxiety is in the same vein, but the creators insist it’s not pot — so much so that it’s literally called “Not Pot.” Rather, it’s cannabinoid-infused chocolate, and it’s delicious.

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If you know, you know 😉

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Each little heart of chocolate in “Not Pot” has cannabidiol (CBD), which is known for its anti-anxiety effects but will not get you high, as it’s not a psychoactive cannabinoid. Each heart has a very light dose of two milligrams, and it’s recommended to eat one daily to let the effects build over time. They’re a bit pricey — it costs $30 for a 30-day supply or $27 for a subscription — but hey, you’re pretty much buying drugged-up chocolate that will bust your anxiety, so a buck a day isn’t a bad trade-off.

CBD has been surging in popularity over recent years, which the Huffington Post claims is due to the destigmatizing effect of its “non-euphoric” benefits — though, as HuffPo highlights, “the idea that using medication to feel good is not appropriate… seems to almost uniquely apply to cannabis.” Nonetheless, it’s been found to improve quality of life for those who have conditions such as PTSD, cancer, epilepsy, or anxiety.

Other than CBD, the hearts include cacao (hello, antioxidants!), ashwagandha (a herb often used in Eastern medicine), and maple sugar (which won’t cause a terrible sugar crash). All of that sounds lovely, but really — only one tiny heart a day? POPSUGAR’s Dominique Astornio said that she and her fellow editor needed three chocolate hearts to feel any effect, but that they were “exceptionally relaxing.” One reviewer on the brand’s site saying that they “felt calmer in a week’s time.”

What a wonderful world we live in.

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