If you can’t get enough of anything and everything Harry Potter-related (and who can blame you when Harry Potter cocktails, Harry Potter treats and Harry Potter pets exist?!) or have ever wished you had magical powers, then you’re gonna love this. We have the deets on how to cast IRL spells from your phone. So cool!

Harry Potter

In partnership with the new Warner Bros. film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (which has controversially just cast Johnny Depp), Google has announced three new “spells” for Android devices — Lumos, Nox and Silencio.

In order to use the function, merely speak to Android’s voice-activated assistant by starting with, “Okay, Google…” then cast your spell. Lumos will brighten your world by turning on the phone’s flashlight and Nox will in turn it off, whereas Silencio will turn the phone’s ringer and notifications volume right down to zero.

Google spells

It may be limited “magical” power, but it’s still pretty darn cool, especially if you cast your spells with some flair. Lumos!

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(h/t Time; photos via Warner Bros.)