As winter beings to loosen its grip and we look ahead to new spring styles, there are plenty of collections we鈥檙e super psyched about (see: Madewell and Sophie Theallet, who has the most diverse campaign ever), but according to those in the know, there鈥檚 one brand in particular that we should all be paying a *bit* more attention to.

adidas 3

We already knew that logo brands were making a comeback in a big way, but as Who What Wear reported, there鈥檚 one logo-brand that鈥檚 been rising above all others as of late: adidas.

In fact, in a recent fan-voted end-of-year ranking for 鈥渕ost relevant brand of 2016,鈥 adidas took home first place, with double the amount of votes runner-up brand Supreme took home and seven times more votes than its leading competitor, Nike (!!!), even with Bella Hadid repping the brand hard.


According to High Snob Society, its high vote count is thanks to some mega collabs from big names (we鈥檙e looking at you, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams), popular spokesmodels (ahem, Karlie Kloss) and 鈥渁 more diversified portfolio鈥 (read: a bigger selection of cute stuff).

Huh! We totally wouldn鈥檛 have guessed it, but perusing the site, we can definitely see what all the buzz is about. *Adding 10 items to our cart.*

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(h/t Teen Vogue, photos via adidas)