When you put on your favorite song or album, do you ever wonder how the musicians put them together? Obviously, there鈥檚 a lot to music, including how it makes you feel and just what inspired the artists (like Tay Swift鈥檚 influence on Harry Styles), but what if a musician saw as well as heard the sounds around them? For some musicians (and regular folks!), there is a super rare condition known as synesthesia which enables the person affected to see music in a very unique way.

Lorde recently opened up about her synesthesia in a profile in the New York Times, saying that her sound-to-color condition allows her to visualize her music as very real colors. 鈥淔rom the moment I start something, I can see the finished song, even if it鈥檚 far-off and foggy,鈥 she says about her creative process. And she鈥檚 not the only celebrity musician with the condition, either.


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There is a long list of musicians past and present with the condition, including Kanye West, who has the ability to 鈥渟ee sounds.鈥 Sound-to-color isn鈥檛 the only type of the condition, which is technically categorized as something that triggers multiple senses at once. There鈥檚 time-space synesthesia (the most common), in which people perceive time in a location (tomorrow is usually located to the left); grapheme-color, in which letters and numbers get assigned colors in the person鈥檚 mind; the sound-color version which so many musicians have; and then the touch-taste type, the most rare of all, where people can only describe tastes in terms of shapes (like eggs being square).

While having this condition doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean that you鈥檇 become a famous musician, it鈥檚 definitely interesting that so many people throughout history have had this condition and gone on to make some of the most lasting music of all time .

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