This Is Us has been a MAJOR emotional rollercoaster all season. We鈥檝e officially lost count how many times the show has made us ugly cry over the past couple of months, and we鈥檙e not sure we have any tears left for the upcoming season finale. Will there even be enough time to fully cover the details about Jack鈥檚 death that they keep alluding to? Or will it have to carry over into season two? So. Many. Questions.

One thing we DO know about the second season is that we鈥檙e going to learn more about Randall Pearson鈥檚 wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and her past. 鈥淲e have the space right now to do it because we have two more seasons,鈥 Watson said in a recent interview with the Build Series. 鈥淚 know that we will learn about who she is, her family and her career.鈥

The way the writers have interwoven people and generations of stories is nothing short of brilliant, and it assures there won鈥檛 ever be a shortage of stories to tell 鈥 especially because the show has been picked up for a third season already as well.

As for the finale, Watson also said that a lot of questions will be answered, though she was understandably tight-lipped about too many details. 鈥淭here are aspects of Jack and Rebecca鈥檚 life that we鈥檝e been tracking through the season and we鈥檒l see a lot of that 鈥 and some questions will be answered.鈥 But鈥 still so many questions!

While you daydream about what鈥檚 left to tell about Rebecca and Jack in the next season, make sure to dig into a few other recommended shows to fill the void.

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