We鈥檝e stumbled across plenty of jobs with stellar perks 鈥 traveling the world as Royal Caribbean鈥檚 鈥淢aster Instagrammer,鈥watching Netflix all day, and even getting the chance to be Kate Middleton鈥檚 new bestie, er, personal secretary. But now, we鈥檒l readily admit that we鈥檙e utterly jealous of this office which features 鈥淧ress for Champagne鈥 buttons that do EXACTLY what they say.

champagne bottles

While this may seem like a booze-based dream, it is in fact a reality for workers of a new office building in London鈥檚 Soho area. Opening in March 2018, a Sticks鈥檔鈥橲ushi restaurant located on the first floor of the building will shuttle drinks to thirsty employees upstairs via a 鈥渨aiterstyle lift鈥 system.

Press for Champagne button

As for the buttons themselves, London restaurant Bob Bob Ricard fits tables with the same sort of feature, giving diners the chance to order up another bottle of Champagne with a simple tap of your finger.

While we wait for all offices to jump on board the 鈥淧ress for Champagne鈥 wagon, we鈥檒l just have to settle for another 40 (!) of ros茅.

Would you love for your office to have a 鈥淧ress for Champagne鈥 button, or would that just cause too many buzzed meetings? Let us know @BritandCo!

(h/t Supercall; photos via Justin Sullivan/Getty, Bob Bob Ricard)