Disney is ON FIRE. With their recent announcement that Netflix will become their official streaming partner, we were all geared up for the Disney version of Netflix + Chill . Seeing stars like Blake Lively rock her Disney-inspired look at Cannes def could be used as wedding dress fodder, but one heart-of-gold boyfriend in London, England, managed to propose to his Disney-obsessed girlfriend in the most incredible way.

Art Director and designer Jason Shoffman took months to plan out his elaborate Disney proposal. First, he started by amassing a huge collection of prints and Disney animation cells 鈥 the individual pictures that add together to create an animated film 鈥 on eBay. Then, he rented a gallery space and hung the images. Using hired actors, the gallery鈥檚 staff and his own sister, Shoffman then planned for his sister to take girlfriend Simone to the 鈥淒isney Art Exhibit.鈥

Once they鈥檇 seen the main room, Simone headed down to see special 鈥渙ne-off鈥 pieces, which is where her surprise was waiting. Shoffman painstakingly recreated Disney style movie posters outlining their romance, making his soon-to-be fianc茅e a real-life Disney Princess.

Everything about this proposal is so perfect. It鈥檚 amazing to see how much Jason loves his bride-to-be and how much work he put into his one-of-a-kind proposal. Hopefully, we鈥檒l be able to see if they follow this up with a Disney-themed wedding , and it鈥檚 exciting to know that there are Prince Charmings everywhere.

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