To say we’re a little excited for the Gilmore Girls revival is an understatement. Not only are we currently binge watching all past episodes in preparation, but we’ve also invited all of our gal pals over for the GG viewing party of the century (and yes, there will be a TON of coffee).

But while we may enjoy a good binge session, our bodies aren’t too fond of our fave lazy weekend activity. That’s why Reebok teamed up with fitness superstar and Gilmore Girls mega fan Jamie Eason to develop a customized workout that works just like a drinking game… only this time, you’ll be shedding calories instead of consuming them.

Warm Up (Are you Team Jess, Team Logan or Team Dean?)


1. If you are Team Logan, do five leg sweep and side kicks.


2. If you are Team Jess, do five burpee walkouts.


3. If you are Team Dean, do five basketball jumps.

The Rules for the Unofficial Gilmore Girls Workout

Every time you hear or see one of the following 10 Gilmore Girls-isms, complete the corresponding workout move. Ready, set… crunch!


1. Every time you hear the theme song, do three alternating heel touches.


2. Every time Lorelai or Rory order coffee at Luke’s, do two hollow rocks.


3. Every time Rory has a book in her hand, do three pendulum kicks.


4. Every time Yale comes up in conversation, do three rowing jump squats.


5. Every time there is a town hall meeting, do four plank thrust jacks.


6. Every time Kirk has a new job, do three side-lying clams.


7. Every time Emily makes a snide remark, do two pike push-ups.


8. Every time Lane talks about music, do three side plank crunches.


9. Every time Michel is a Debbie downer, do three low hold curtsy lunges.


10. Every time “Oy with the poodles already” is said, do five elbows to hand planks.

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(GIFs via Reebok, featured photos via Netflix)