Fertility is something that really divides this country: Look at the comments and opinions that have rolled in since Chrissy Teigen announced her struggles, and even more so since she and John Legend announced that they chose their baby’s gender. The conversation, especially surrounding egg freezing for non-medical or lifestyle reasons, is one that is still pretty taboo. But according to Vice, there’s a new British concept store, “Timeless,” that’s trying to break open the judgement and subjectivity when it comes to your eggs.


The store isn’t what it seems, though: All the beauty “products” for sale — such as your bespoke blend of social pressures and a 3-step solution to egg freezing — are really just inventive and creative ways to talk objectively about the effectiveness and social impact freezing eggs might have on a woman. It’s all fact-based to help you make the best choice you possibly can given your own personal situation. It’s got a pretty big, legitimate backer, too, in the Wellcome Trust from the London School of Economics.


Timeless is trying to bring an emotional and expensive process down to a human level, and provide all the relevant facts you’d want in an easy-to-understand way. For example, they give information on when your eggs will start to deteriorate. They also bust myths, like that oft-told tale that a healthy lifestyle can keep your eggs young (sadly, it can’t). This is pretty revolutionary, since there’s not a ton of info out there right now about babies who were born via frozen eggs. The UK just had its first baby born from the freezing technique, called “vitrification,” in 2010.


No matter your stance, it’s great to see that there’s a resource out there for women who are considering freezing their eggs (hello, Facebook and Apple benefits!), and that it’s presented in such a clever way. There are even upcoming seminars you can sign up for to get more in-depth coverage. Check them out if you’ll happen to be in London!

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(Images via @time_less.london)