If anybody is STILL undecided about who they’re casting their ballot for in the upcoming presidential vote, don’t worry: Tinder has got you covered. Today the dating app announced that it is launching an initiative with Rock the Vote to encourage its users to do research into the candidates’ proposed policies.


The app will quiz users on 16 hot-button issues — like immigration, gun control and the Affordable Care Act — and users will respond to each question with a swipe left or right. At the end of the questionnaire, Tinder will let users know which candidate their views most closely align with and where they can cast their vote. At the end of the polling period (through November 1), Tinder will tabulate the results and reveal data on their users’ political leanings.

“Getting young voters to the polls means meeting them where they are, and incorporating tools and technology they’re comfortable with,” Jesse Moore, Vice President for Civic Engagement at Rock the Vote, said in a statement. “That’s why it matters when Rock the Vote can work with a company like Tinder to make learning about a candidate and locating your polling place just as easy as meeting someone interesting and finding yourself a date.”

The app introduced “Swipe the Vote” earlier this year to help users find out which primary candidates they most closely aligned with.

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